The Midland Hamster Club

(Affiliated to the National Hamster Council)


This was Ian and myself's first stint as show secretary. Thanks to everyone for being patient with two show sec virgins! A reasonable turnout with over 100 Syrians and about 20 Dwarfs. Thanks to the two judges Melissa Chamberlain (Hope the car is fixed) and Mike Turnidge. Thanks also to Val Swingler for providing the food and particularly May Willets and Jeanie Parlett for jumping in at the breach to man the kitchen. The annual NHC awards were presented at the show and it was nice to see so many people collect their awards personally (especially as a six foot hamster was on the loose).

Joanne Evans

                     Judge (Syrian) - Mr M Turnidge

        GOLDEN(8)		CREAM(5)		WHITE(1)

1.	Wellington Hams		Aleppo Hamstery		Aleppo Hamstery	
2.	Duncton Hamstery	Black Country		-
3.	Wellington Hams		Black Country		-
R.	Black Country		Hawthorn Hams		-
VHC	E.Roberts		F.Evans			-
HC	E.Roberts		-			-
C	Minx Hamstery		-			-

        CINNAMON(4)		AOC(9)			PATTERNED(3)

1.	Aleppo Hamstery		P.Gill			Black Country
2.	Aleppo Hamstery		Aleppo Hamstery		Duncton Hamstery
3.	Hedgehog Hams		Wellington Hams		Minx Hamstery
R.	J.Evans			Aleppo Hamstery		-
VHC	-			Wellington Hams		-
HC	-			Black Country		-
C	-			Duncton Hamstery	-

        SATIN(6)		LH WHITE(4)		LH CREAM(11)

1.	Aleppo Hamstery		Towy Vale		Wellington Hams
2.	Hawthorn Hams		Towy Vale		Wellington Hams
3.	Duncton Hamstery	Aleppo Hamstery		Aleppo Hamstery
R.	Towy Vale		Black Country		Towy Vale
VHC	Black Country		-			P.Gill
HC	Hawthorn Hams		-			Aleppo Hamstery
C	-			-			Towy Vale

        LH AOC MALE(16)     	LH AOC FEMALE(17)	LH PATTERNED(7)

1.	Duncton Hamstery	Towy Vale		Hedgehog Hams
2.	Hedgehog Hams		Towy Vale		Hedgehog Hams
3.	P.Gill			S.Gosling		Hedgehog Hams
R.	Towy Vale		Aleppo Hamstery		S.Gosling
VHC	Aleppo Hamstery		P.Gill			Wellington Hams
HC	Hedgehog Hams		Towy Vale		S.Gosling
C	P.Gill			J.Evans			Black Country


1.	F.Evans			S.Gosling		J.Evans
2.	S.Gosling		E.Roberts		J.Evans
3.	S.Gosling		J.Evans			J.Evans
R.	F.Evans			E.Roberts		-
VHC	J.Evans			S.Gosling		-
HC	F.Evans			S.Gosling		-
C	-			S.Gosling		-

        LH SATIN(5)		BREEDER(42)		YOUNG STOCK(16)

1.	Towy Vale		Wellington Hams		Towy Vale
2.	Black Country		Aleppo Hamstery		Wellington Hams
3.	Aleppo Hamstery		Aleppo Hamstery		Aleppo Hamstery
R.	Black Country		Black Country		Towy Vale
VHC	Minx Hamstery		Duncton Hamstery	Hedgehog Hams
HC	-			Hedgehog Hams		Towy Vale
C	-			Black Country		Towy Vale

        SUPPORTERS(86)     	G.CHALLENGE(96)     	NON-STANDARD(8)

1.	P.Gill			P.Gill			Minx Hamstery
2.	Aleppo Hamstery		Wellington Hams		Aleppo Hamstery
3.	Towy Vale		Aleppo Hamstery		Minx Hamstery
R.	Towy Vale		Towy Vale		Aleppo Hamstery
VHC	Aleppo Hamstery		Towy Vale		S.Gosling
HC	Duncton Hamstery	Aleppo Hamstery		Duncton Hamstery
C	Aleppo Hamstery		Duncton Hamstery	Towy Vale

        BEST SH MALE     	Wellington Hams
        BEST SH FEMALE     	P.Gill
        BEST LH MALE     	Towy Vale
        BEST LH FEMALE     	Towy Vale
        B.I.S.			P.Gill
        B.O.S.			Wellington Hams

                       Judge (Dwarf) - Mrs M Chamberlain

        CAMPBELLS(2)     	WINTER WHITE(4)     	CHINESE(9)

1.	Minx Hamstery		Duncton Hamstery	S.Gosling
2.	Minx Hamstery		Minx Hamstery		Hawthorn Hams
3.	-			Duncton Hamstery	Duncton Hamstery
R.	-			Minx Hamstery		Black Country
VHC	-			-			E.Roberts
HC	-			-			Black Country
C	-			-			Duncton Hamstery

        JUNIOR(3)		NOVICE(1)		BREEDER(8)

1.	S.Gosling		E.Roberts		Duncton Hamstery
2.	E.Roberts		-			Duncton Hamstery
3.	S.Gosling		-			Black Country
R.	-			-			Black Country
VHC	-			-			Duncton Hamstery
HC	-			-			Minx Hamstery
C	-			-			Minx Hamstery


1.	S.Gosling
2.	Hawthorn Hams
3.	Minx Hamstery
R.	Duncton Hamstery
VHC	Duncton Hamstery
HC	Black Country
C	E.Roberts

        B.I.S.			S.Gosling

        B.O.S.			S.Gosling

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