The Midland Hamster Club

(Affiliated to the National Hamster Council)


Initially entries were slow coming, but we ended up with a respectable turnout of 119 plus 13 non-standard Syrian and 56 plus 6 non-standard Dwarfs for our two judges, Melissa Chamberlain and David Baglin. The 15 pets were ably judged by Rhiannon Lloyd. Thanks to everyone who helped, especially the book and pen stewards and all those who cleared the hall in double quick time!

Congratulations to Wellington Hams who won B.l.S. and B.O.S. Dwarf with two lovely Campbells and to David Baglin whose long Hair Honey Dominant Spot was B.O.S. Syrian. Carol and I were delighted to win B.l.S. with our yellow, and we would like to thank Chris and Pete of Towy Vale for letting us have such a Champ"!

Jean Tye.

            Judge (Syrian) - Mrs M Chamberlain

     GOLDEN(12)          CREAM(9)          ClNNAMON(3)

I.   Minx Hamstery       Aleppo Hamstery   D.Baglin
2.   D.Baglin            J.Tye & C.Leat    J.Evans
3.   D.Baglin            J.Tye & C.Leat    Minx Hamstery
R.   D.Baglin            Netherwood Hams      -
VHC  Netherwood Hams     Blackberry Stud      -
HC   F.Lamb              Blackberry Stud      -
C    Blackberry Stud     J.Tye & C.Leat       -

     AOC(13)             PATTERNED(3)      SATlN(12)

1.   Aleppo Hamstery     D.Baglin          D.Baglin
2.   P.Gill              Netherwood Hams   Minx Hamstery
3.   J.Tye & C.Leat      J.Tye & C.Leat    J.Tye & C.Leat
R.   Minx Hamstery          -              Hawthorne Hams
VHC  D.Baglin               -              R.Lloyd
HC   D.Baglin               -              D.Baglin
C    D.Baglin               -              Blackberry Stud

     LH WHlTE(4)         LH CREAM(13)      LH AOC MALE(17)

1.   D.Baglin            Aleppo Hamstery   D.Baglin
2.   D.Baglin            Aleppo Hamstery   D.Baglin
3.   Towy Vale           D.Baglin          Duncton Hamstery
R.   Towy Vale           J.Tye & C.Leat    P.Gill
VHC     -                J.Tye & C.Leat    S.Gosling
HC      -                J.Tye & C.Leat    Towy Vale
C       -                Minx Hamstery     Towy Vale


1.   J.Tye & C.Leat      D.Baglin          P.Gill
2.   D.Baglin            J.Tye & C.Leat    J.Tye & C.Leat
3.   D.Baglin            Towy Vale         R.Lloyd
R.   P.Gill              S.Gosling         Minx Hamstery
VHC  Netherwood Hams     J.Evans           Netherwood Hams
HC   S.Gosling           H.Myall           Hawthorne Hams
C    Towy Vale             -               D.Baglin


1.   S.Gosling           S.Gosling         Y.Jones
2.   F. Evans            R.Lloyd           J.Evans
3.   J.Evans             R.Lloyd           Hamper Hams
R.   F.Lamb              J.Evans           J.Evans
VHC  F.Evans             R.Lloyd           F.Lamb
HC   R.Lloyd             R.Lloyd           Hamper Hams
C    F.Evans             S.Gosling         J.Evans

     BREEDERS(77)        YOUNG STOCK(25)   SUPPORTERS(82)

1.   D.Baglin            J.Tye & C.Leat    D.Baglin
2.   D.Baglin            Towy Vale         D.Baglin
3.   D.Baglin            Netherwood Hams   Aleppo Hamstery
R.   D.Baglin            Towy Vale         Aleppo Hamstery
VHC  D.Baglin            Netherwood Hams   D.Baglin
HC   D.Baglin            R.Lloyd           D.Baglin
C    D.Baglin            Towy Vale         D.Baglin

     G.CHALLENGE(122)    NON-STANDARD(14)  PETS(15)

1.   J.Tye & C.Leat      D.Baglin          A.Gill
2.   D.Baglin            Minx Hamstery     K.Gill
3.   D.Baglin            Duncton Hamstery  V.Smith
R.   Aleppo Hamstery     Minx Hamstery     F.Lamb
VHC  Aleppo Hamstery     P.Gill            M.Jones
HC   D.Baglin            S.Gosling         H.Donohoe
C    D.Baglin            Netherwood Hams   H.Donohoe

     BEST SH MALE         Minx Hamstery
     BEST SH FEMALE       P.Gill
     BEST LH MALE         D.Baglin
     BEST LH FEMALE       J.Tye & C.Leat
     B.l.S.               J.Tye & C.Leat
     B.O.S.               D.Baglin

              Judge (Dwarf) - Mr D Baglin

     CAMPBELL(16)        WINTER WHlTE(14)  CHlNESE(26)

1.   Wellington Hams     J.Tye & C.Leat    S.Gosling
2.   Wellington Hams     J.Tye & C.Leat    J.Tye & C.Leat
3.   J.Tye&C.Leat        J.Tye&C.Leat      J.Tye&C.Leat
R.   Wellington Hams     Lilliput Hams     Lilliput Hams
VHC  Wellington Hams     J.Tye & C.Leat    Minx Hamstery
HC   Wellington Hams     Wellington Hams   Lilliput Hams
C    Hamper Hams         Wellington Hams   Lilliput Hams

     NON-STANDARD(6)     JUNIOR(9)         NOVICE(13)

1.   Hamper Hams         S.Gosling         Hamper Hams
2.   J.Tye & C.Leat      H.Myall           C.Litchfield
3.   Wellington Hams     L.Frampton        C.Litchfield
R.   Hamper Hams         L.Frampton        H.Myall
VHC  Wellington Hams     S.Gosling         Hamper Hams
HC   Wellington Hams     L.Frampton        Hamper Hams
C        -               L.Frampton        L.Frampton

     BREEDER(31)         G.CHALLENGE(S5)

1.   Wellington Hams     Wellington Hams
2.   Wellington Hams     Wellington Hams
3.   Wellington Hams     J.Tye & C.Leat
R.   Wellington Hams     Wellington Hams
VHC  Wellington Hams     Wellington Hams
HC   J.Tye & C.Leat      Wellington Hams
C    Hamper Hams         J.Tye & C.Leat

     B.l.S.              Wellington Hams
     B.O.S.              Wellington Hams

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