The Northern Hamster Club

(Affiliated to the National Hamster Council)

PRESTON 11.5.97

A great turn out for what was a very damp day, it poured for most of the day - unfortunately for myself I didn't get to see any of the great attractions that are on view on this "excellent day out for all the family" - great cliché eh!!! We had 86 Syrians, 28 Other Species, 10 pets and hundreds of visitors through our doors - we managed to create lots of interest in our club and hopefully a few new members. While we are on members thanks must go to all who turned out and travelled to Preston and special thanks to those who got lost on the way. The Syrians were judge by Mick Turnidge and the Other Species by Joanne Hampshire - many thanks to both of them, and thanks to all who helped with the many other duties that go along with a hamster show.

Michelle Cooper.

Judge (Syrian) - Mr M Turnidge
GOLDEN(18) CREAM(8) YELLOW(2) 1. T.O'Connor T.O'Connor Flattop 2. T.O'Connor T.O'Connor Flattop 3. Roman Hams Black Country - R. T.O'Connor Flattop - CINNAMON(7) PATTERNED(7) AOC(12) 1. Roman Hams Black Country Flattop 2. Flattop Black Country Roman Hams 3. D.Shaw J.&L.Hampshire Black Country R. Mr Broadhead D.Shaw T.O'Connor SATIN(12) LH WHITE(2) LH CREAM(10) 1. T.O'Connor Flattop T.O'Connor 2. T.O'Connor Flattop Flattop 3. T.O'Connor - M.Richardson R. T.O'Connor - Roman Hams LH PATTERNED(6) LH AOC(12) LH SATIN(8) 1. D.Weetman P.Gill Flattop 2. M.Richardson Flattop P.Gill 3. D.Weetman M.Tomlinson Black Country R. M.Richardson J.&L.Hampshire M.Richardson JUNIOR(18) NOVICE(5) INTERMEDIATE 1. J.Hampshire D.Weetman J.&L.Hampshire 2. D.Weetman M.Tomlinson J.&L.Hampshire 3. M.Kibberd M.Kibberd M.Dyson R. J.&L.Hampshire Mr Broadhead J.&L.Hampshire 10-16 WEEKS BREEDER G.CHALLENGE 1. T.O'Connor T.O'Connor T.O'Connor 2. J.&L.Hampshire T.O'Connor T.O'Connor 3. Black Country T.O'Connor T.O'Connor R. M.Austin Black Country Black Country NON-STANDARD 1. Flattop 2. D.Shaw 3. P.Gill R. F.Glover B.I.S. JUNIOR J.&L.Hampshire B.O.S. JUNIOR D.Weetman B.I.S. T.O'Connor B.O.S. T.O'Connor
Judge (Dwarf) - Miss J Hampshire
CHINESE(8) WINTER WHITE(1) CAMPBELL(8) 1. M.Richardson Blackpool Tower Honeywell Hams 2. M.Richardson - Honeywell Hams 3. P.Gill - Honeywell Hams R. Blackpool Tower - Honeywell Hams CAMPBELL ALB(9) JUNIOR NOVICE 1. M.Dyson D.Weetman D.Weetman 2. M.Dyson M.Dyson D.Weetman 3. Honeywell Hams M.Richardson D.Weetman R. M.Dyson M.Dyson - INTERMEDIATE BREEDER G.CHALLENGE 1. Honeywell Hams Honeywell Hams Honeywell Hams 2. M.Dyson M.Dyson M.Richardson 3. Honeywell Hams Honeywell Hams M.Richardson R. Honeywell Hams Honeywell Hams Honeywell Hams NON-STANDARD(2) 1. Honeywell Hams 2. Honeywell Hams B.I.S. JUNIOR D.Weetman B.O.S. JUNIOR M.Dyson B.I.S. Honeywell Hams B.O.S. M.Richardson
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