The Northern Hamster Club

(Affiliated to the National Hamster Council)


The weather was rather cold and rainy but we managed to acquire quite a few entries, 77 Syrian and 24 Dwarfs. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to both judges, Michelle Cooper (Syrian) and Joanne Hampshire (Dwarf)

Mick Turnidge.

Judge (Syrian) - Ms M Cooper
SH GOLDEN SH CREAM SH YELLOW 1. M.Richardson D.Liversidge Tulip Tree 2. Tulip Tree Flattop Tulip Tree 3. Flattop - D.Liversidge R. Tulip Tree - A.Broadhead SH CINNAMON SH PATTERNED SH AOC 1. D.Shaw J.Hampshire Flattop 2. Tulip Tree - E.Sydenham 3. A.Broadhead - G.Soo R. A.Broadhead - - SH SATIN LH WHITE LH CREAM 1. M.Richardson Tulip Tree M.Richardson 2. Tulip Tree A.Broadhead Flattop 3. J.Hampshire A.Broadhead M.Richardson R. D.Liversidge - - LH PATTERNED LH AOC LH SATIN 1. Flattop Flattop M.Richardson 2. - M.Richardson Flattop 3. - M.Richardson Palette Hams R. - D.Liversidge A.Broadhead JUNIOR NOVICE INTERMEDIATE 1. M.Richardson G.Soo D.Liversidge 2. M.Richardson - Palette Hams 3. M.Richardson - Palette Hams R. E.Roberts - D.Liversidge 10-16 WEEKS BREEDER G.CHALLENGE 1. M.Richardson M.Richardson Tulip Tree 2. Palette Hams Tulip Tree M.Richardson 3. Tulip Tree Flattop Tulip Tree R. E.Sydenham Tulip Tree Flattop NON-STANDARD 1. A.Broadhead 2. Flattop 3. J.Hampshire R. - B.I.S. JUNIOR M.Richardson B.O.S. JUNIOR M.Richardson B.I.S. Tulip Tree B.O.S. M.Richardson
Judge (Dwarf) - Ms J Hampshire
CHINESE WINTER WHITE CAMPBELL 1. M.Richardson M.Richardson A.Liversidge 2. M.Richardson M.Richardson V.Ross 3. D.Shaw M.Richardson A.Liversidge R. M.Richardson V.Ross D.Shaw CAMPBELL ALB JUNIOR NOVICE 1. D.Shaw M.Richardson V.Ross 2. - M.Richardson L.Nixon 3. - M.Richardson V.Ross R. - M.Richardson V.Ross INTERMEDIATE BREEDER G.CHALLENGE 1. A.Liversidge D.Shaw M.Richardson 2. A.Liversidge D.Shaw M.Richardson 3. - V.Ross D.Shaw R. - D.Shaw M.Richardson NON.STANDARD 1. V.Ross 2. A.Liversidge 3. L.Nixon R. L.Nixon B.I.S. JUNIOR M.Richardson B.O.S. JUNIOR M.Richardson B.I.S. M.Richardson B.O.S. M.Richardson
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