The Northern Hamster Club

(Affiliated to the National Hamster Council)

GOLCAR 21.6.97

In spite of the typical June weather (it rained all afternoon) we had a good show with 73 Syrians and 23 Dwarfs. Many thanks to our judges, Terry O'Connor - Syrians and Jane Martin - Dwarfs also to Mick Turnidge and Matthew Richardson for book stewarding and Francis Glover for judging pets. Congratulations to all winners and thank you to everyone else who helped make the show a success.

Pat Richardson.

Judge (Syrian) - Mr T O'Connor
GOLDEN(14) CREAM(3) YELLOW(4) 1. Tulip Tree Flattop Tulip Tree 2. Flattop J.Hampshire Flattop 3. Tulip Tree D.Livesage Flattop R. Flattop - F.Glover CINNAMON(6) PATTERNED(2) AOC(3) 1. Tulip Tree J.Hampshire Flattop 2. Flattop Flattop Tulip Tree 3. Flattop - J.Hampshire R. A.Broadhead - - SATIN(6) LH WHITE(1) LH CREAM(4) 1. Tulip Tree Tulip Tree Flattop 2. Tulip Tree - M.Richardson 3. M.Dyson - M.Richardson R. J.Hampshire - M.Richardson LH PATTERNED(3) LH AOC(13) LH SATIN(6) 1. Flattop A.Livesage Flattop 2. M.Richardson Flattop M.Richardson 3. M.Tomlinson D.Livesage Tulip Tree R. - M.Tomlinson M.Richardson JUNIOR(23) NOVICE(13) INTERMEDIATE(6) 1. M.Richardson A.Broadhead A.Livesage 2. M.Richardson Palette Hams J.Hampshire 3. M.Richardson A.Broadhead A.Livesage R. M.Richardson Palette Hams J.Hampshire 10-16 WEEKS(21) BREEDER(31) G.CHALLENGE(46) 1. Tulip Tree Tulip Tree Tulip Tree 2. Tulip Tree Flattop Flattop 3. Tulip Tree Tulip Tree Tulip Tree R. A.Livesage Flattop Tulip Tree NON-STANDARD(5) 1. Flattop 2. Flattop 3. J.Hampshire R. F.Glover B.I.S. JUNIOR M.Richardson B.O.S. JUNIOR M.Dyson B.I.S. Tulip Tree B.O.S. Flattop
Judge (Dwarf) - J Martin
CHINESE(7) WINTER WHITE(5) CAMPBELL(4) 1. M.Richardson V.Ross M.Richardson 2. M.Richardson V.Ross M.Richardson 3. M.Richardson V.Ross V.Ross R. J.Hampshire V.Ross J.Hampshire CAMPBELL ALB(3) JUNIOR(19) NOVICE(5) 1. M.Dyson V.Ross V.Ross 2. M.Dyson V.Ross V.Ross 3. M.Dyson V.Ross V.Ross R. - M.Richardson V.Ross INTERMEDIATE(4) BREEDER(4) G.CHALLENGE(19) 1. J.Hampshire V.Ross V.Ross 2. J.Hampshire M.Dyson V.Ross 3. J.Hampshire M.Dyson V.Ross R. J.Hampshire M.Dyson M.Richardson NON-STANDARD(3) 1. V.Ross 2. V.Ross 3. V.Ross R. - B.I.S. JUNIOR V.Ross B.O.S. JUNIOR M.Richardson B.I.S. V.Ross B.O.S. M.Richardson
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