The Midland Hamster Club

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CARDIFF 19.4.97

We think that the whole of Cardiff must have known that we were there, judging by the response that we had to the pet class. They started coming at 10 o'clock and were still rolling in after judging had begun. We ended up with 35 pet entries and a medal was well and truly deserved for the pet judge, Elaine Skidmore, ably assisted by May Willetts, book steward and chief bodyguard! Jenny Rees had found us a good venue, fairly spacious (after 35 pet owners had gone!) and reasonably easy to find. Many people helped out, so please forgive us if we miss anyone off the list.

Thank you to Val Swingler for judging Syrians and to Sue Washbrook for judging Dwarfs, and to their book stewards, Terry O'Connor and Elaine Skidmore respectively. Thanks also to the Syrian pen stewards, Helen and Hillary Myall, helped by Andrew Bryan. A big thank you to Mrs.Printall and family for running an excellent kitchen and also to Ian Evans for willingly adding more tables to an ever-growing pet section. More thanks go to Joanne Evans who ran the children's competition and bullied everyone into buying raffle tickets (twice over if she could get away with it !) Thanks also to Chris and Pete Logsdail for running the sales.

Congratulations to the winners, Netherwood Hams who won B.I.S. and Lilliput Hams who won B.O.S. in Syrian and to Jean Tye and Carol Leat who took both B.I.S. and B.O.S. in Dwarf. The Pet competition was divided into prizes for male and female hamsters. Congratulations to Suzanne Price and Sian Jones who won.

Sarah and Peter Charmley.

                   Judge (Syrian) - Ms V Swingler

        GOLDEN(12)		CREAM(15)		WHITE(1)

1.	T.O'Connor		Netherwood Hams		T.O'Connor	
2.	T.O'Connor		J.Tye & C.Leat		-
3.	T.O'Connor		Towy Vale		-
R.	Lilliput Hams		J.Tye & C.Leat		-
VHC	T.O'Connor		T.O'Connor		-
HC	Black Country		Black Country		-
C	L.Washbrook		T.O'Connor		-

        CINNAMON(2)		AOC(10)      		PATTERNED(7)

1.	Black Country		Lilliput Hams		Black Country	
2.	J.Evans			P.Gill			Netherwood Hams	
3.	-			J.Tye & C.Leat		J.Tye & C.Leat	
R.	-			J.Tye & C.Leat		Duncton Hamstery
VHC	-			Minx Hamstery		Netherwood Hams	
HC	-			Black Country		Minx Hamstery	
C	-			Netherwood Hams		Black Country	

        SATIN(15)		LH WHITE(3)		LH CREAM(12)

1.	T.O'Connor		Towy Vale		Hedgehog Hams	
2.	T.O'Connor		Towy Vale		Lilliput Hams	
3.	Lilliput Hams		Netherwood Hams		Lilliput Hams	
R.	Black Country		-			J.Tye & C.Leat	
VHC	Netherwood Hams		-			J.Tye & C.Leat	
HC	T.O'Connor		-			J.Tye & C.Leat	
C	T.O'Connor		-			Towy Vale	


1.	Hedgehog Hams		J.Tye & C.Leat		Hedgehog Hams	
2.	Duncton Hamstery	Hedgehog Hams		Hedgehog Hams	
3.	Towy Vale		Minx Hamstery		H.& H.Myall
R.	P.Gill			Duncton Hamstery	Netherwood Hams	
VHC	Towy Vale		Towy Vale		Hawthorn Hams	
HC	Towy Vale		Duncton Hamstery	Hedgehog Hams	
C	Hedgehog Hams		Towy Vale		Lilliput Hams	


1.	Towy Vale		Minx Hamstery		K.Washbrook	
2.	J.Tye & C.Leat		Minx Hamstery		J.Evans	
3.	Hedgehog Hams		Towy Vale		H.& H.Myall
R.	Hedgehog Hams		Duncton Hamstery	F.Evans	
VHC	P.Gill			Towy Vale		F.Evans	
HC	Black Country		Lilliput Hams		F.Evans	
C	P.Gill			C.Washbrook		J.Evans	

        JUNIOR FEMALE(5)	NOVICE(11)      	BREEDERS(85)

1.	L.Washbrook		K.Washbrook		Lilliput Hams	
2.	J.Evans			L.Washbrook		T.O'Connor	
3.	H.Keegan		J.Evans			T.O'Connor	
R.	J.Evans			H.Keegan		J.Tye & C.Leat	
VHC	L.Washbrook		J.Evans			Hedgehog Hams	
HC	-			J.Evans			Lilliput Hams	
C	-			H.& H.Myall		T.O'Connor	


1.	J.Tye & C.Leat		Netherwood Hams		Netherwood Hams	
2.	Hedgehog Hams		J.Tye & C.Leat		J.Tye & C.Leat	
3.	Minx Hamstery		T.O'Connor		Lilliput Hams	
R.	Duncton Hamstery	T.O'Connor		T.O'Connor	
VHC	Towy Vale		Hedgehog Hams		T.O'Connor	
HC	J.Tye & C.Leat		T.O'Connor		J.Tye & C.Leat	
C	Duncton Hamstery	Black Country		Hedgehog Hams	


1.	Suzanne Price		Sian Jones
2.	Sarah Whitcombe		Chloe Salter
3.	Elizabeth Crowhurst	Jamie Graham
R.	Rosie Mais		Denise Cross
VHC	Rosie Coombes		Stephanie Mais
HC	Jamie Graham		A.Gill
C	Alec Shand		Barbara Newns

        BEST SH MALE		Lilliput Hams	
	BEST SH FEMALE		Netherwood Hams	
	BEST LH MALE		Hedgehog Hams	
	BEST LH FEMALE		Hedgehog Hams	
	B.I.S.			Netherwood Hams	
	B.O.S.			Lilliput Hams	

                     Judge (Dwarf) - Mrs. S Washbrook


1.	J.Tye & C.Leat		J.Tye & C.Leat		J.Tye & C.Leat	
2.	J.Tye & C.Leat		J.Tye & C.Leat		Duncton Hamstery	
3.	J.Tye & C.Leat		J.Tye & C.Leat		Black Country	
R.	J.Tye & C.Leat		J.Tye & C.Leat		Black Country	
VHC	J.Tye & C.Leat		Minx Hamstery		Minx Hamstery	
HC	Wellington Hams		Minx Hamstery		Hawthorn Hams	
C	Wellington Hams		-			Hawthorn Hams	


1.	Wellington Hams		H.& H.Myall		H.& H.Myall

        BREEDERS(15)		G.CHALLENGE(31)

1.	J.Tye & C.Leat		J.Tye & C.Leat	
2.	Duncton Hamstery	J.Tye & C.Leat	
3.	Black Country		J.Tye & C.Leat	
R.	J.Tye & C.Leat		J.Tye & C.Leat	
VHC	Black Country		Duncton Hamstery	
HC	J.Tye & C.Leat		J.Tye & C.Leat	
C	J.Tye & C.Leat		Black Country	

        B.I.S.			J.Tye & C.Leat	

        B.O.S.			J.Tye & C.Leat	

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