The Northern Hamster Club

(Affiliated to the National Hamster Council)


A lovely day out at a new venue with a good turn out - 85 Syrians, 55 Other Species and 15 Pets. The organisers of Brinsworth Gala provided 3 beautiful trophies which were won by Wellington Hams (B.I.S. Syrian), Hamper Hams (B.I.S. Other Species) and Black Country Hams (Best Overall Breeder). Congratulations to them and all other winners. Many thanks to David Baglin and Melissa Chamberlain and to everyone who helped make the day such a success.

Julie Glover.

Judge (Syrian) - Mr D Baglin
GOLDEN(17) CREAM(4) YELLOW(6) 1. Tulip Tree Flattop Wellington Hams 2. Tulip Tree Black Country K.Gill 3. Flattop Tulip Tree Tulip Tree R. Wellington Hams Black Country D.Livesage CINNAMON(6) PATTERNED(5) AOC(5) 1. Flattop Black Country Wellington Hams 2. Tulip Tree J.&L.Hampshire Black Country 3. Tulip Tree Black Country Flattop R. A.Broadhead M.Tomlinson Blackpool Tower SATIN(8) LH WHITE(4) LH CREAM(8) 1. J.&L.Hampshire Tulip Tree Flattop 2. Tulip Tree Black Country P.Gill 3. Flattop Tulip Tree M.Richardson R. M.Richardson Flattop Wellington Hams LH PATTERNED(3) LH AOC(16) LH SATIN 1. Flattop C.Livesage Flattop 2. M.Richardson Flattop Black Country 3. F.Glover Wellington Hams M.Richardson R. - Wellington Hams Hamper Hams JUNIOR NOVICE INTERMEDIATE 1. J.&L.Hampshire Hamper Hams J.&L.Hampshire 2. M.Richardson Hamper Hams A.Broadhead 3. M.Richardson Palette Hams J.Hampshire 10-16 WEEKS(16) BREEDER(36) G.CHALLENGE 1. C.Livesage Black Country Wellington Hams 2. M.Richardson Tulip Tree Black Country 3. Wellington Hams Flattop Tulip Tree R. Wellington Hams Tulip Tree Flattop NON-STANDARD(3) 1. F.Glover 2. Black Country 3. F.Glover R. - B.I.S. JUNIOR J.&L.Hampshire B.O.S. JUNIOR M.Richardson B.I.S. Wellington Hams B.O.S. Flattop
Judge (Dwarf) - Mrs M Chamberlain
CHINESE(15) WINTER WHITE(16) CAMPBELL(16) 1. D.Baglin Hamper Hams Hamper Hams 2. Black Country Hamper Hams Honeywell Hams 3. Hamper Hams V.Ross D.Baglin R. Hamper Hams Hamper Hams Hamper Hams CAMPBELL ALB JUNIOR(12) NOVICE(19) 1. Hamper Hams M.Dyson Hamper Hams 2. Hamper Hams G.Nicholls Hamper Hams 3. M.Dyson V.Ross Hamper Hams R. Hamper Hams M.Richardson Hamper Hams INTERMEDIATE(5) BREEDER G.CHALLENGE 1. Honeywell Hams Hamper Hams Hamper Hams 2. Honeywell Hams Hamper Hams Hamper Hams 3. Honeywell Hams Hamper Hams Hamper Hams R. Honeywell Hams Honeywell Hams D.Baglin AREA NON-STANDARD PETS(15) 1. Hamper Hams V.Ross A.Aisthorpe 2. Hamper Hams Hamper Hams L.Ross R. D.Baglin Hamper Hams L.Jackson B.I.S. JUNIOR M.Dyson B.O.S. JUNIOR G.Nicholls B.I.S. Hamper Hams B.O.S. Hamper Hams
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