The Midland Hamster Club

(Affiliated to the National Hamster Council)

BLENHEIM 23.8.97

Judge (Syrian) - Mr S Downing
SH GOLDEN(19) SH CREAM (18) SH WHITE(1) 1. T.O'Connor J.Tye &C.Leat F.& J.Evans 2. D.Baglin T.O'Connor - 3. T.O'Connor T.O'Connor - R. T.O'Connor T.O'Connor - VHC T.O'Connor T.O'Connor - HC D.Baglin J.Tye &C.Leat - C Hawthorn Hams J.Tye &C.Leat - SH CINNAMON(3) SH AOC(17) SH PATTERNED(4) 1. D.Baglin Blackberry Stud Black Country 2. Towy Vale D.Baglin Towy Vale 3. Black Country J.Tye &C.Leat Black Country R. - Hawthorn Hams Teddy Bear Hams VHC - Minx Hamstery - HC - P.Gill - C - Teddy Bear Hams - SH SATIN(10) LH WHITE(5) LH CREAM(13) 1. D.Baglin Black Country P.Gill 2. Hawthorn Hams Towy Vale Duncton Hamstery 3. T.O'Connor Black Country Towy Vale R. T.O'Connor F.& J.Evans Towy Vale VHC T.O'Connor D.Baglin J.Tye &C.Leat HC T.O'Connor - Hedgehog Hams C Black Country - Towy Vale LH AOC MALE(8) LH AOC FEMALE(22) LH PATTERNED(7) 1. Hedgehog Hams Towy Vale D.Baglin 2. J.Tye &C.Leat Hedgehog Hams Hedgehog Hams 3. Towy Vale Hedgehog Hams H.Scott R. Hedgehog Hams Towy Vale H.Scott VHC Teddy Bear Hams Towy Vale H.Scott HC Teddy Bear Hams Teddy Bear Hams H.Scott C H.Scott D.Baglin Teddy Bear Hams LH SATIN(9) JUNIOR MALE(4) JUNIOR FEMALE(6) 1. Black Country F.& J.Evans E.Roberts 2. Towy Vale K.Gill E.Roberts 3. Hawthorn Hams F.& J.Evans F.& J.Evans R. J.Tye &C.Leat F.& J.Evans F.& J.Evans VHC F.& J.Evans - A.Gill HC P.Gill - F.& J.Evans C Duncton Hamstery - - NOVICE(17) BREEDER(84) YOUNG STOCK(19) 1. A.Gill Blackberry Stud D.Baglin 2. H.Scott T.O'Connor Towy Vale 3. Hamper Hams Towy Vale J.Tye &C.Leat R. H.Scott Hedgehog Hams J.Tye &C.Leat VHC H.Scott T.O'Connor Minx Hamstery HC Hamper Hams Black Country E.Roberts C Hamper Hams Hedgehog Hams E.Roberts SUPPORTERS(84) G.CHALLENGE(134) NON-STANDARD(9) 1. T.O'Connor J.Tye &C.Leat Teddy Bear Hams 2. Towy Vale Blackberry Stud Black Country 3. Hedgehog Hams T.O'Connor Teddy Bear Hams R. T.O'Connor Towy Vale Teddy Bear Hams VHC Black Country Hedgehog Hams Minx Hamstery HC Hedgehog Hams T.O'Connor Teddy Bear Hams C D.Baglin Black Country Minx Hamstery PETS(2) 1. E.Bell 2. K.Dunkley BEST SH MALE Black Country BEST SH FEMALE J.Tye &C.Leat BEST LH MALE Duncton Hamstery BEST LH FEMALE Towy Vale B.I.S. J.Tye &C.Leat RESERVE B.I.S. Blackberry Stud
Judge (Dwarf) - Mrs Joanna Roach
CAMPBELL(18) WINTER WHITE(15) CHINESE(14) 1. Hamper Hams Minx Hamstery Hamper Hams 2. Hamper Hams J.Tye &C.Leat Hawthorn Hams 3. Hamper Hams Hamper Hams Duncton Hamstery R. Hamper Hams Duncton Hamstery Hawthorn Hams VHC Hamper Hams J.Tye &C.Leat D.Baglin HC Black Country J.Tye &C.Leat D.Baglin C J.Tye &C.Leat Duncton Hamstery D.Baglin NON-STANDARD(9) JUNIOR(3) NOVICE(1) 1. Hamper Hams C.Readings C.Readings 2. Hamper Hams E.Roberts - 3. Hamper Hams E.Roberts - R. D.Baglin - - VHC D.Baglin - - HC D.Baglin - - C Black Country - - BREEDER(38) G.CHALLENGE(47) 1. Hamper Hams Minx Hamstery 2. Hamper Hams Hamper Hams 3. Hamper Hams Hamper Hams R. Hamper Hams J.Tye &C.Leat VHC Hamper Hams Hamper Hams HC Duncton Hamstery Hamper Hams C J.Tye &C.Leat Hamper Hams B.I.S. Minx Hamstery RESERVE B.I.S. Hamper Hams
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