The Northern Hamster Club

(Affiliated to the National Hamster Council)

ASHFIELD 10.8.97

There were many varied attractions to keep all the family entertained at this new show venue but I didn't get to see any of them. I never realised so much work was involved organising a show like this. Not just on show day but starting months earlier with meetings of the show committee then building up to a frenzy of preparation in the weeks and days before the big day. Saturday evening was just like a farce. A rabbit show had taken place in our marquee and it was up to Marlene and myself to grab the required number of tables for our Hamster show. The cavy and chinchilla shows being well established took preference in table allocation. To our horror we found we only had half the tables we required. A quick commando raid to the horticultural show rectified the situation. Tables were hastily cleaned down, erected and cavy show pens put on them to prevent them being spirited away. It was at this point we discovered we were at the wrong end of the marquee. Back to square one.

By some miracle everything seemed to come together on the day and I feel that the show was a success. Ashfield District Council leisure services thoughtfully provided a working lunch ---- did anyone get chance to eat it? Other perks enjoyed by the judges, stewards and myself were chairs for the day in the relative comfort of a shady marquee with the sides dropped down to induce some slight flow of air. Outside it was scorching hot and the sun beat down relentlessly all day long.

Seriously I think everyone in the club should be show secretary just once to see how much organisation is involved. It's definitely not just a matter of filling a few place cards out on the day of the show. Club members who do this job regularly have my greatest respect .I now appreciate that they have some special qualities and must be really dedicated to the club.

A total of 71 Syrian, 65 other species and 6 pets were benched and displayed to the public. Although Syrian entries were lower than expected (possibly due to a combination of the holiday period and the heatwave); the standard was very high. Judge Mr. S Skidmore had a difficult task selecting the class winners and after a close contest awarded Flattop Hams. winner of the Breeders, Grand Challenge and Best in show. Just a (hamsters) whisker behind with Best opposite sex was Wellington Hams. In the Junior section Matthew Richardson benched some first class Syrians and was awarded Best in show and Best opposite sex. -- well done Matthew. Unfortunately there was no support for the Area class.

The Other Species classes were very well supported considering how they are susceptible to the heat. Judge Mr.S Downing also had his work cut out with 65 animals to scrutinise. Winner of Breeders, Grand Challenge, Best in Show and Best Opposite sex was Marlene Screen. Best in Show Junior was awarded to J &L Hampshire -- sorry you got the wrong card, I made it out to Marlene by mistake. It was her birthday on the day of the show and she swears I did it on purpose. Best Opposite sex was won by Matthew Dyson ---- well done Matthew.

Thanks to the Book Stewards Mr. M Turnidge [Syrian] and Ms. J Martin [Other Species] for providing an essential service to their respective judges. Thanks to Victoria Ross for her assistance filling in place cards when the results were coming in thick and fast -- having two sets, i.e. one for the Northern Hamster club and one for Ashfield District Council plus a results sheet for the local paper in addition to our own club sheets made it very complicated. Once again thanks to everyone involved in ensuring Ashfield '97 was a successful show.Me? I've got writers cramp and my eyes are still crossed --- I hope I don't see or hear about Hamsters for at least six months.

Keith Screen.

Judge (Syrian) - Mr S Skidmore
SH GOLDEN(15) SH CREAM(1) SH YELLOW(7) 1. Tulip Tree Tulip Tree Tulip Tree 2. M.Richardson - Flattop 3. Tulip Tree - Wellington Hams R. Flattop - A.Broadhead SH CINNAMON(5) SH PATTERNED(1) SH AOC(3) 1. Tulip Tree J.& L.Hampshire Wellington Hams 2. Tulip Tree - Minx Hamstery 3. A.Broadhead - Flattop R. A.Broadhead - - SH SATIN(10) LH WHITE(1) LH CREAM(5) 1. Tulip Tree Tulip Tree Flattop 2. Tulip Tree - Minx Hamstery 3. J.& L.Hampshire - M.Richardson R. M.Richardson - Wellington Hams LH PATTERNED(4) LH AOC(9) LH SATIN(5) 1. Flattop Flattop Flattop 2. Minx Hamstery Wellington Hams M.Richardson 3. Wellington Hams Minx Hamstery Palette Hams R. M.Richardson M.Richardson M.Richardson NON-STANDARD(5) JUNIOR(12) INTERMEDIATE(18) 1. Minx Hamstery M.Richardson Palette Hams 2. Minx Hamstery M.Richardson A.Broadhead 3. A.Brown M.Richardson Palette Hams R. Minx Hamstery M.Richardson A.Broadhead YOUNG STOCK(20) BREEDER(43) G.CHALLENGE(60) 1. Minx Hamstery Flattop Flattop 2. Wellington Hams Tulip Tree Wellington Hams 3. Wellington Hams Flattop Tulip Tree R. Palette Hams Tulip Tree M.Richardson PETS(6) 1. V.Smith 2. V.Smith 3. K.Selby R. V.Smith B.I.S. JUNIOR M.Richardson B.O.S. JUNIOR M.Richardson B.I.S. Flattop B.O.S. Wellington Hams
Judge (Dwarf) - Mr S Downing
CHINESE(10) WINTER WHITE(26) CAMPBELL(13) 1. Black Country M.Screen Honeywell Hams 2. J.& L.Hampshire M.Screen Wellington Hams 3. M.Richardson M.Screen Wellington Hams R. Black Country M.Screen Wellington Hams CAMPBELL ALB(7) NON-STANDARD(9) JUNIOR(15) 1. Wellington Hams A.Brown J.& L.Hampshire 2. M.Dyson Wellington Hams M.Richardson 3. M.Dyson Honeywell Hams M.Dyson R. Wellington Hams J.& L.Hampshire J.& L.Hampshire NOVICE(5) INTERMEDIATE(16) BREEDER(42) 1. V.Ross M.Screen M.Screen 2. V.Ross M.Screen M.Screen 3. V.Ross M.Screen M.Screen R. V.Ross Black Country Black Country G.CHALLENGE(55) 1. M.Screen 2. M.Screen 3. M.Screen R. Black Country B.I.S. JUNIOR J.& L.Hampshire B.O.S. JUNIOR M.Dyson B.I.S. M.Screen B.O.S. M.Screen
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