The Midland Hamster Club

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ALCESTER 17.5.97

A very busy Show! I am glad I managed to write all the prize cards before hand, otherwise I would have been in trouble. 112 Syrians, 42 Dwarfs and 37 Pet entries kept all our Judges well occupied. Many thanks to Terry O'Connor, Melissa Chamberlain and Sarah Charmley the three Judges, together with their Book Stewards Sid Skidmore, Catherine Baumber and Joanne Evans. Also a big thank you to Wendy Jones and her team of helpers in the kitchen for keeping us all well feed and watered. Thanks to Pete and Chris on Sales and all who helped them throughout the day and to Jenny for keeping us all in order (at least she tries).

Thanks to my mom, May for helping to Show Sec and to Frances Evans for putting up the Journals and dishing them out for me, it was a great help, many thanks Frances. Frances also helped put out the prize cards throughout the day and congratulations to her for winning the colouring competition,Well done.

Congratulations also to all the Winners, especially to Belvedere Stud for B.I.S. Syrian and Hamper Hams for B.I.S. Dwarfs. I hope you all enjoyed the show, it was a lovely big hall and it was so nice not to have to clean up at the end, pity it is not always the case.

Elaine Skidmore

                   Judge (Syrian) - Mr T O'Connor

        GOLDEN(12)		CREAM(4)		CINNAMON(1)

1.	Belvedere Stud		Towy Vale		Hedgehog Hams	
2.	Wellington Hams		Towy Vale		-
3.	Belvedere Stud		Hawthorn Hams		-
R.	Chase Hamstery		F.Evans			-
VHC	Duncton Hamstery	-			-
HC	Belvedere Stud		-			-
C	E.Roberts		-			-

        AOC(9)			PATTERNED(1)     	SATIN(10)

1.	Wellington Hams		J.Mitchell		Hawthorn Hams	
2.	Wellington Hams		-			Minx Hamstery	
3.	Hawthorn Hams		-			Duncton Hamstery	
R.	Towy Vale		-			Towy Vale	
VHC	Hamper Hams		-			Towy Vale	
HC	Minx Hamstery		-			J.Evans	

        LH WHITE(1)		LH CREAM(15)		LH AOC MALE(19)

1.	Towy Vale		Hedgehog Hams		Hedgehog Hams	
2.	-			Wellington Hams		Wellington Hams	
3.	-			Minx Hamstery		S.Gosling	
R.	-			Wellington Hams		S.Gosling	
VHC	-			Towy Vale		P.Gill	
HC	-			Hedgehog Hams		S.Gosling	
C	-			Duncton Hamstery	S.Gosling	

        LH AOC FEMALE(19)	LH PATTERNED(9)	        LH SATIN(6)

1.	Wellington Hams		Hedgehog Hams		Towy Vale	
2.	Wellington Hams		Towy Vale		Hamper Hams
3.	Towy Vale		Hawthorn Hams		Hedgehog Hams	
R.	Hedgehog Hams		Hedgehog Hams		P.Gill	
VHC	Towy Vale		Minx Hamstery		P.Gill	
C	P.Gill			Hamper Hams		-


1.	S.Gosling		E.Roberts		Woods Hamstery
2.	S.Gosling		H.&H.Myall		Woods Hamstery
3.	S.Gosling		J.Evans			Hamper Hams	
R.	S.Gosling		J.Evans			Hamper Hams	
VHC	F.Evans			J.Mitchell		Hamper Hams	
HC	F.Evans			S.Gosling		H.&H.Myall
C	H.&H.Myall		J.Evans			Hamper Hams	


1.	Belvedere Stud		Minx Hamstery		Belvedere Stud	
2.	Hedgehog Hams		Towy Vale		Hedgehog Hams	
3.	Wellington Hams		Towy Vale		Minx Hamstery	
R.	Minx Hamstery		Wellington Hams		Hawthorn Hams	
VHC	Wellington Hams		Wellington Hams		Towy Vale	
HC	Hawthorn Hams		Belvedere Stud		Belvedere Stud	
C	Towy Vale		Wellington Hams		Hedgehog Hams	


1.	Belvedere Stud		Minx Hamstery	
2.	Hedgehog Hams		Minx Hamstery	
3.	Wellington Hams		Duncton Hamstery	
R.	Wellington Hams		Towy Vale	
VHC	Minx Hamstery		Towy Vale	
HC	Wellington Hams		S.Gosling	
C	Hawthorn Hams		J.Mitchell


1.	M.Arblaster		L.Frampton		C.Bigland
2.	P.Luck			V.Smith			F.Lamb
3.	M.Rawson		L.Frampton		F.Lamb
R.	K.Dunkley		L.Frampton		B.Bigland
VHC	A.&C.Roberts		A.Gill			F.Frampton
HC	E.Roberts		K.Biddle		N.Donohoe
C	L.Holmes		V.Smith			N.Donohoe

        BEST SH MALE	        Wellington Hams	
	BEST SH FEMALE	        Belvedere Stud	
	BEST LH MALE	        Minx Hamstery	
	BEST LH FEMALE	        Hedgehog Hams	
	B.I.S.	                Belvedere Stud	
	B.O.S.	                Wellington Hams	

                 Judge (Dwarf) - Mrs M Chamberlain


1.	Hamper Hams		R.Ellerby		Black Country	
2.	Hamper Hams		Black Country		Black Country	
3.	Hamper Hams		Woods Hamstery		S.Gosling	
R.	-			Duncton Hamstery	Duncton Hamstery	
VHC	-			E.Roberts		Duncton Hamstery	
HC	-			Duncton Hamstery	Hawthorn Hams	
C	-			Black Country		H.&H.Myall

        NON-STANDARD(2)        	JUNIOR		        NOVICE

1.	Hamper Hams		S.Gosling		R.Ellerby	
2.	Hamper Hams		R.Ellerby		Woods Hamstery
3.	-			E.Roberts		E.Roberts	
R.	-			H.&H.Myall		H.&H.Myall
VHC	-			S.Gosling		E.Roberts	
HC	-			E.Roberts		E.Roberts	
C	-			E.Roberts		Woods Hamstery


1.	Hamper Hams		Hamper Hams	 
2.	Black Country		Black Country	
3.	Black Country		Hamper Hams	
R.	Black Country		Black Country	
VHC	Duncton Hamstery	S.Gosling	
HC	Duncton Hamstery	R.Ellerby
C	Duncton Hamstery	Black Country	

        B.I.S.			Hamper Hams	
	B.O.S.			R.Ellerby

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