The Northern Hamster Club

(Affiliated to the National Hamster Council)

YORK 7.11.98

Another decent turnout of 97 Syrian and 54 Dwarf entries, almost too many as it turned out. Many thanks to Mike Dyson and Jane martin for judging and also to all the assistants without whom the show cannot run smoothly. Congratulations to all winners and thanks to everyone who exhibited. May I also take this opportunity to wish everyone in the fancy a very Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.


Judge (Syrian) - Mr M Dyson
SH GOLDEN(11) SH CREAM(14) SH YELLOW(7) 1. Rother Hams Tulip Tree Hamper Hams 2. A.Broadhead Tulip Tree Hamper Hams 3. Rother Hams F.Avill Hamper Hams R. M.Richardson J.Dixon M.Richardson SH CINNAMON(8) SH PATTERNED(5) SH AOC(6) 1. A.Broadhead H.Edge Rother Hams 2. A.Broadhead M.Richardson Flattop 3. A.Broadhead K.Rogers Flattop R. Tulip Tree H.Edge K.Rogers SH SATIN(14) LH WHITE(3) LH CREAM(7) 1. Tulip Tree Tulip Tree M.Richardson 2. Tulip Tree Tulip Tree M.Richardson 3. Rother Hams Flattop A.Broadhead R. Rother Hams - A.Broadhead LH PATTERNED(4) LH AOC(9) LH SATIN(4) 1. L.Sinclair Tulip Tree Rother Hams 2. Hamper Hams Palette Hams M.Richardson 3. L.Sinclair L.Sinclair L.Sinclair R. H.Edge L.Sinclair Palette Hams JUNIOR(40) NOVICE(27) INTERMEDIATE(4) 1. M.Richardson L.Sinclair Hamper Hams 2. M.Richardson F.Avill Hamper Hams 3. M.Richardson L.Sinclair Hamper Hams R. L.Sinclair J.Dixon Hamper Hams 10-16 WEEKS(19) BREEDER(57) G.CHALLENGE(74) 1. Rother Hams Tulip Tree Tulip Tree 2. Tulip Tree Tulip Tree Tulip Tree 3. J.Dixon Rother Hams Rother Hams R. Tulip Tree Tulip Tree Tulip Tree NON-STANDARD(7) PETS(20) 1. F.Avill Joanne Kelly 2. L.Sinclair Ruby Fern 3. M.Richardson Ross Watson R. L.Sinclair Sukie Chapman B.I.S. JUNIOR M.Richardson B.O.S. JUNIOR M.Richardson B.I.S. Tulip Tree B.O.S. M.Richardson
Judge (Dwarf) - Ms J Martin
CHINESE(10) WINTER WHITE(21)CAMPBELL(15) 1. Hamper Hams Amy Liversidge Hamper Hams 2. Hamper Hams M.Richardson Hamper Hams 3. K.Rogers M.Richardson Hamper Hams R. F.Avill S.Turnidge Hamper Hams CAMPBELL(ALB)(6)JUNIOR(38) NOVICE(25) 1. Hamper Hams L.Sinclair L.Sinclair 2. L.Sinclair Amy Liversidge L.Sinclair 3. L.Sinclair M.Richardson L.Sinclair R. H.Edge L.Sinclair L.Sinclair INTERMEDIATE(12)BREEDER(28) G.CHALLENGE 1. Hamper Hams Hamper Hams Hamper Hams 2. Hamper Hams Hamper Hams Hamper Hams 3. Hamper Hams Hamper Hams Hamper Hams R. Hamper Hams Hamper Hams Hamper Hams NON-STANDARD(5) 1. Hamper Hams 2. Hamper Hams 3. H.Edge R. L.Sinclair B.I.S. JUNIOR L.Sinclair B.O.S. JUNIOR Amy Liversidge B.I.S. Hamper Hams B.O.S. Hamper Hams
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