The Midland Hamster Club

(Affiliated to the National Hamster Council)


Judge (Syrian) - Mr A Bryan
SH GOLDEN(7) SH CREAM(7) SH CINNAMON(5) 1. Greenfield Hams F.&.J.Evans Greenfield Hams 2. T.O'Connor F.&.J.Evans Greenfield Hams 3. Towy Vale T.O'Connor Greenfield Hams R. Greenfield Hams Black Country Greenfield Hams VHC Greenfield Hams Hawthorn Hams Humbug Hams HC Greenfield Hams Black Country - C Humbug Hams Hawthorn Hams - SH AOC(14) SH PATTERNED(4) SH SATIN(6) 1. Humbug Hams Black Country Towy Vale 2. F.&.J.Evans Black Country T.O'Connor 3. F.&.J.Evans Black Country T.O'Connor R. Hawthorn Hams Netherwood Hams T.O'Connor VHC Netherwood Hams - T.O'Connor HC P.Gill - T.O'Connor C Hawthorn Hams - - LH WHITE(3) LH CREAM(6) LH AOC MALE(4) 1. Black Country P.Gill Towy Vale 2. P.Gill K.&.A.Gill Greenfield Hams 3. F.&.J.Evans Towy Vale P.Gill R. - F.&.J.Evans Humbug Hams VHC - Black Country - HC - Valentine Hams - C - - - LH AOC FEMALE(6)LH PATTERNED(3) LH SATIN(2) 1. Towy Vale Hawthorn Hams Netherwood Hams 2. Towy Vale Netherwood Hams P.Gill 3. Greenfield Hams Valentine Hams - R. Greenfield Hams - - VHC Valentine Hams - - HC Valentine Hams - - C - - - JUNIOR(11) NOVICE(14) BREEDER(47) 1. Humbug Hams Greenfield Hams Greenfield Hams 2. F.&.J.Evans Greenfield Hams Humbug Hams 3. F.&.J.Evans Greenfield Hams Greenfield Hams R. K.&.A.Gill Greenfield Hams Towy Vale VHC F.&.J.Evans K.&.A.Gill Towy Vale HC F.&.J.Evans Greenfield Hams T.O'Connor C P.&.J.Gill Greenfield Hams F.&.J.Evans YOUNG STOCK(7) FMC G.CHALLENGE(64) 1. Towy Vale F.&.J.Evans Greenfield Hams 2. F.&.J.Evans Towy Vale Humbug Hams 3. F.&.J.Evans Towy Vale Greenfield Hams R. Towy Vale Black Country Towy Vale VHC Greenfield Hams P.Gill Towy Vale HC Greenfield Hams Towy Vale T.O'Connor C Netherwood Hams K.&.A.Gill F.&.J.Evans PETS(1) 1. S.Vogan B.I.S. JUNIOR Humbug Hams B.O.S. JUNIOR K.&.A.Gill BEST SH MALE T.O'Connor BEST SH FEMALE Greenfield Hams BEST LH MALE Towy Vale BEST LH FEMALE Towy Vale B.I.S. Greenfield Hams RESERVE B.I.S. Humbug Hams
Judge (Dwarf) - Mr S Downing
CAMPBELL(2) WINTER WHITE(7) CHINESE(5) 1. Duncton Hams Netherwood Hams Black Country 2. Duncton Hams Duncton Hams Black Country 3. - Duncton Hams P.Gill R. - Duncton Hams P.Gill VHC - Greenfield Hams P.Gill HC - Duncton Hams - C - Greenfield Hams - NON-STANDARD(1) BREEDER(6) FMC(11) 1. Duncton Hams Black Country Black Country 2. - Netherwood Hams Duncton Hamstery 3. - Black Country Black Country R. - P.Gill Duncton Hamstery VHC - P.Gill P.Gill HC - Duncton Hams P.Gill C - - Duncton Hamstery G.CHALLENGE(14) 1. Black Country 2. Duncton Hamstery 3. Netherwood Hams R. Black Country VHC Duncton Hamstery HC P.Gill C P.Gill B.I.S. Black Country RESERVE B.I.S. Duncton Hamstery
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