The Northern Hamster Club

(Affiliated to the National Hamster Council)


We had quite a good entry at a first show at Wakefield, 104 Syrian and 34 dwarfs.

I would like to thank Anne Hampshire with help from the daughter Leslie for doing the refreshments, and also thank you to the two judges Joanne Hampshire (Syrian) and Jane Martin (Dwarfs) and congratulations to all those who won their classes.

Margaret Turnidge.

Judge (Syrian) - Miss J Hampshire
SH GOLDEN(20) SH CREAM(6) SH YELLOW(11) 1. Tulip Tree Flattop Flattop 2. Flattop A.Broadhead Flattop 3. Flattop Black Country M.Richardson R. A.Liversidge Palette Hams A.Broadhead SH CINNAMON(8) SH PATTERNED(5) SH AOC(3) 1. Tulip Tree Black Country Flattop 2. A.Broadhead E.Sinclair F.Glover 3. Tulip Tree Black Country M.Tomlinson R. A.Broadhead A.Liversidge - SH SATIN(5) LH CREAM(4) LH PATTERNED(8) 1. M.Richardson Flattop Flattop 2. Tulip Tree Tulip Tree M.Tomlinson 3. Palette Hams M.Richardson Flattop R. M.Richardson Black Country M.Tomlinson LH AOC(21) LH SATIN(4) LH WHITE(8) 1. L.Ward M.Richardson Flattop 2. M.Richardson Flattop Tulip Tree 3. Flattop Palette Hams Black Country R. Rother Hams Rother Hams Black Country NOVICE INTERMEDIATE JUNIOR 1. E.Sinclair A.Liversidge M.Richardson 2. E.Sinclair A.Broadhead M.Richardson 3. E.Sinclair L.Ward A.Liversidge R. E.Sinclair A.Broadhead M.Richardson 10-16 WEEKS BREEDER G.CHALLENGE 1. M.Richardson Tulip Tree Tulip Tree 2. Palette Hams Flattop Flattop 3. Black Country Flattop Flattop R. Rother Hams Flattop Flattop NON-STANDARD(3) 1. Black Country 2. E.Sinclair 3. A.Broadhead R. - B.I.S. JUNIOR M.Richardson B.O.S. JUNIOR M.Richardson B.I.S. Tulip Tree B.O.S. M.Richardson
Judge (Dwarf) - J.Martin
CHINESE(8) WINTER WHITE(21)CAMPBELL(6) 1. M.Richardson V.Ross V.Ross 2. Black Country V.Ross V.Ross 3. Black Country M.Richardson L.Nixon R. M.Richardson M.Richardson E.Sinclair JUNIOR NOVICE INTERMEDIATE 1. V.Ross L.Nixon V.Ross 2. V.Ross E.Sinclair V.Ross 3. V.Ross E.Sinclair V.Ross R. M.Richardson E.Sinclair M.Richardson BREEDER G.CHALLENGE NON-STANDARD 1. V.Ross V.Ross V.Ross 2. V.Ross V.Ross V.Ross 3. V.Ross V.Ross V.Ross R. M.Richardson M.Richardson E.Sinclair B.I.S. JUNIOR V.Ross B.O.S. JUNIOR V.Ross B.I.S. V.Ross B.O.S. V.Ross
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