The South of England Hamster Club

(Affiliated to the National Hamster Council)


Chris Logsdail.

Syrian Judge - Mrs J Roach
SH GOLDEN(6) SH CREAM(10) SH AOC(15) 1. J.Tye & C.Leat J.Tye & C.Leat D.Baglin 2. J.Tye & C.Leat J.Tye & C.Leat S.Smith 3. Towy Vale J.Tye & C.Leat D.Baglin R. A.B.C. Hams A.B.C. Hams S.Smith VHC A.B.C. Hams A.B.C. Hams J.Tye & C.Leat HC S.Smith J.Tye & C.Leat J.Tye & C.Leat C - A.B.C. Hams D.Baglin SH SATIN(7) SH PATTERNED(4) LH CREAM(16) 1. D.Baglin D.Baglin D.Baglin 2. D.Baglin S.Smith A.B.C. Hams 3. D.Baglin S.Smith D.Baglin R. J.Tye & C.Leat S.Smith A.B.C. Hams VHC S.Smith - Towy Vale HC S.Smith - A.B.C. Hams C J.Tye & C.Leat - A.B.C. Hams LH AOC MALE(7) LH AOC FEMALE(14)LH SATIN(14) 1. D.Baglin D.Baglin D.Baglin 2. Towy Vale Hamper Hams A.B.C. Hams 3. Hedgehog Hams A.B.C. Hams J.Tye & C.Leat R. A.B.C. Hams Hedgehog Hams Towy Vale VHC A.B.C. Hams Towy Vale Hedgehog Hams HC Hedgehog Hams Hedgehog Hams Hedgehog Hams C Hedgehog Hams D.Baglin S.Smith LH PATTERNED(5) YOUNG STOCK(32) NOVICE(7) 1. D.Baglin D.Baglin Y.Arrow 2. Hedgehog Hams D.Baglin Y.Arrow 3. Y.Arrow Towy Vale Y.Arrow R. Y.Arrow A.B.C. Hams Y.Arrow VHC Hedgehog Hams A.B.C. Hams Y.Arrow HC - D.Baglin Y.Arrow C - J.Tye & C.Leat W.&.G.Barry BREEDERS(71) G.CHALLENGE(103)NON-STANDARD(6) 1. D.Baglin D.Baglin A.B.C. Hams 2. D.Baglin D.Baglin Hedgehog Hamstery 3. D.Baglin D.Baglin A.B.C. Hams R. A.B.C. Hams D.Baglin C.Everitt VHC D.Baglin D.Baglin A.B.C. Hams HC D.Baglin A.B.C. Hams S.Smith C A.B.C. Hams D.Baglin - B.I.S. D.Baglin B.O.S. D.Baglin PETS PETS(cont) 1. E.Newell HC C.Spencer 2. S.Stone C P.Sommers 3. D.Norton C D.Dawson R. P.Millington C D.Oxlade VHC W.&.G.Barry C P.Sommers BEST LH PET E.Newell BEST SH PET S.Stone BEST PET E.Newell
Judge (Dwarf) - Mrs L Hill
CAMPBELL(16) WINTER WHITE(9) CHINESE(5) 1. Wellington Hams J.Tye & C.Leat D.Baglin 2. Wellington Hams J.Tye & C.Leat Hamper Hams 3. Hamper Hams D.Baglin D.Baglin R. Hamper Hams D.Baglin D.Baglin VHC Hamper Hams J.Tye & C.Leat D.Baglin HC Wellington Hams J.Tye & C.Leat - C Hamper Hams D.Baglin - BREEDER(20) G.CHALLENGE(32) NON-STANDARD(8) 1. J.Tye & C.Leat J.Tye & C.Leat Wellington Hams 2. D.Baglin J.Tye & C.Leat Wellington Hams 3. D.Baglin D.Baglin Hamper Hams R. D.Baglin Hamper Hams J.Tye & C.Leat VHC D.Baglin D.Baglin J.Tye & C.Leat HC Wellington Hams D.Baglin J.Tye & C.Leat C Wellington Hams Wellington Hams Hamper Hams B.I.S. J.Tye & C.Leat B.O.S. J.Tye & C.Leat
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