The Northern Hamster Club

(Affiliated to the National Hamster Council)

PRESTON 10.5.98

There can't be many shows where we have more volunteers than we need but please, Victoria & Marie especially, don't stop offering and thanks anyway.

Many thanks also to Mike & Joanne for judging, all the book and pen stewards, and all those who helped to man (or woman) the tombola, sales, stalls etc, and all exhibitor.

As to the show itself, a reasonable overall turnout of 90 Syrians although entries in some classes were extremely low, hopefully this is because some nice females, which would normally be entered, are sat on litters of future exhibits. Dwarfs too were slightly disappointing with only 24 entries, one class having to be cancelled because the only exhibit didn't turn up, this almost caused a re-numbering of the duplicate classes, but thankfully it was spotted in time to rectify the situation (thanks again Victoria).There were also 12 pet entries, some of which would have more than held their own in the non-standard class (this seems true of a few shows lately.

Finally, congratulations to all our winners and the biggest thank you to my good lady wife (no, I am not drunk and yes, I am feeling well) for all her help before, during and after the show i.e. typing this.

Arthur Broadhead.

Judge (Syrian) - Mr M Turnidge
SH GOLDEN(9) SH CREAM(4) SH YELLOW(8) 1. Flattop A.Broadhead Flattop 2. Flattop M.Tomlinson Flattop 3. Flattop A.Broadhead Flattop R. Flattop A.Broadhead M.Richardson SH CINNAMON(3) SH PATTERNED(8) SH AOC(4) 1. Flattop M.Dyson Flattop 2. A.Broadhead L.Sinclair J.&.L.Hampshire 3. A.Broadhead A.Broadhead Roman Hamstery R. - Roman Hamstery M.Austin SH SATIN(7) LH WHITE(4) LH CREAM(9) 1. J.&.L.Hampshire Flattop Flattop 2. M.Richardson A.Broadhead M.Dyson 3. M.Richardson A.Broadhead M.Richardson R. M.Richardson A.Broadhead M.Richardson LH PATTERNED(6) LH AOC(21) LH SATIN(5) 1. Flattop Flattop M.Richardson 2. M.Tomlinson M.Tomlinson F.McBain 3. M.Tomlinson M.Tomlinson F.McBain R. M.Tomlinson M.Tomlinson Roman Hamstery JUNIOR(29) NOVICE(22) INTERMEDIATE(23) 1. M.Richardson L.Sinclair M.Tomlinson 2. M.Dyson L.Sinclair M.Tomlinson 3. J.&.L.Hampshire L.Sinclair M.Tomlinson R. M.Richardson M.Austin A.Broadhead 10-16 WEEKS(17) BREEDER(48) G.CHALLENGE(82) 1. M.Richardson Flattop Flattop 2. Roman Hamstery Flattop Flattop 3. M.Richardson Flattop Flattop R. L.Sinclair Flattop Flattop NON-STANDARD(1) PETS(12) 1. A.Broadhead L.Nichols 2. - M.Austin 3. - G.Nichols R. - L.Sinclair B.I.S. JUNIOR M.Richardson B.O.S. JUNIOR L.Sinclair B.I.S. Flattop B.O.S. Flattop
(Dwarf) - Miss J Hampshire
CHINESE(2) WINTER WHITE(7) CAMPBELL(6) 1. M.Richardson V.Ross V.Ross 2. M.Richardson V.Ross V.Ross 3. - V.Ross V.Ross R. - M.Richardson V.Ross JUNIOR(13) NOVICE(1) INTERMEDIATE(8) 1. M.Richardson L.Sinclair V.Ross 2. M.Richardson - V.Ross 3. V.Ross - V.Ross R. V.Ross - V.Ross BREEDER(12) G.CHALLENGE(16) NON-STANDARD(8 ) 1. V.Ross M.Richardson L.Sinclair 2. V.Ross M.Richardson V.Ross 3. V.Ross V.Ross V.Ross R. V.Ross V.Ross V.Ross B.I.S. JUNIOR M.Richardson B.O.S. JUNIOR V.Ross B.I.S. M.Richardson B.O.S. V.Ross
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