The Northern Hamster Club

(Affiliated to the National Hamster Council)


I would like to thank everyone who came to the show on such a miserably cold Sunday. We would also like to say "Get Well Soon" to our new member Adam Aisthorpe whom booked in his hamsters to exhibit for the first time then cancelled at the last minute due to illness. Thanks to Mathew Richardson for judging the Syrians and Victoria Ross for judging the Dwarfs. Amy Liversidge, Laura Nixon and Laura Sinclair, Alan Heath being good pen stewards. Special thanks to Sue Kilburn and Julie Glover for organising the food and drinks respectively and as we have just had the best Northern Hamster Club Xmas party I've ever been to (this was the 1st Xmas in the Club). Congratulations to: - Rother Hams, B.I.S.; Tulip Tree, B.O.S.; Amy Liversidge, Junior B.I.S. and Laura Sinclair Junior B.O.S. (Syrian). With honours in the Dwarf section going to: - Honeywell Hams, B.I.S. and B.O.S.; Fraiser Avill, Junior B.I.S. and B.O.S..


Judge (Syrian) - Mr M Richardson
SH GOLDEN SH CREAM SH YELLOW 1. Rother Hams Rother Hams Rother Hams 2. Flattop Rother Hams Flattop 3. Rother Hams Tulip Tree Hamper Hams R. H.Edge Rother Hams Flattop SH CINNAMON SH PATTERNED SH AOC 1. Tulip Tree H.Edge Rother Hams 2. A.Broadhead H.Edge Amy Liversidge 3. Tulip Tree Amy Liversidge Flattop R. A.Broadhead H.Edge Flattop SH SATIN LH WHITE LH CREAM 1. Tulip Tree Tulip Tree F.Glover 2. Flattop Tulip Tree A.Broadhead 3. Palette Hams - Flattop R. Tulip Tree - A.Broadhead LH PATTERNED LH AOC LH SATIN 1. L.Sinclair Flattop L.Sinclair 2. L.Sinclair Hamper Hams Rother Hams 3. Hamper Hams L.Sinclair Flattop R. Oak Hamstery Oak Hamstery Palette Hams JUNIOR NOVICE INTERMEDIATE 1. Amy Liversidge L.Sinclair Hamper Hams 2. L.Sinclair L.Sinclair Hamper Hams 3. L.Sinclair L.Sinclair Hamper Hams R. L.Sinclair L.Sinclair Hamper Hams 10-16 WEEKS BREEDER G.CHALLENGE 1. Amy Liversidge Rother Hams Rother Hams 2. L.Sinclair Rother Hams Rother Hams 3. L.Sinclair Tulip Tree Tulip Tree R. L.Sinclair Flattop Flattop NON-STANDARD 1. L.Sinclair 2. L.Sinclair 3. R.Avill R. L.Sinclair B.I.S. JUNIOR Amy Liversidge B.O.S. JUNIOR L.Sinclair B.I.S. Rother Hams B.O.S. Tulip Tree
Judge (Dwarf) - Miss V Ross
CHINESE WINTER WHITE CAMPBELL 1. Hamper Hams Honeywell Hams Hamper Hams 2. Hamper Hams Honeywell Hams Hamper Hams 3. F.Avill Honeywell Hams L.Sinclair R. F.Avill L.Nixon L.Sinclair CAMPBELL(ALB) JUNIOR NOVICE 1. Honeywell Hams F.Avill F.Avill 2. L.Sinclair L.Nixon F.Avill 3. H.Edge F.Avill L.Sinclair R. Hamper Hams Amy Liversidge H.Edge INTERMEDIATE BREEDER G.CHALLENGE 1. Hamper Hams Honeywell Hams Honeywell Hams 2. Hamper Hams Honeywell Hams Honeywell Hams 3. Hamper Hams Hamper Hams Hamper Hams R. L.Nixon Hamper Hams Hamper Hams NON-STANDARD 1. L.Sinclair 2. Hamper Hams 3. Honeywell Hams R. Hamper Hams B.I.S. JUNIOR F.Avill B.O.S. JUNIOR F.Avill B.I.S. Honeywell Hams B.O.S. Honeywell Hams
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