The Northern Hamster Club

(Affiliated to the National Hamster Council)


Heavy rain was forecast by the weathermen but as usual they got it wrong. The day turned out to be nice with sunny periods and a couple of light showers. I would like to thank our judges Michelle Cooper (Syrian) and Jane Martin (Other Species), the book stewards Margaret (my wife) and Mike Dyson, also Arthur Broadhead for pen stewarding and everyone who helped on the sales, information and Tombola stands. Congratulations to all winners. Finally to Susan, Margaret, dad, Debbie, Laura and Amy for putting on a display on the Sunday.

Mick Turnidge..

Judge (Syrian) - Ms M Cooper
SH GOLDEN(6) SH CREAM(8) SH YELLOW(3) 1. Rother Hams Tulip Tree M.Richardson 2. A.Liversidge Tulip Tree M.Richardson 3. Rother Hams Tulip Tree Flattop R. Flattop Palette Hams - SH CINNAMON(4) SH PATTERNED(8) SH AOC(2) 1. Flattop L.Sinclair Flattop 2. A.Broadhead M.Dyson Flattop 3. A.Broadhead L.Sinclair - R. A.Broadhead J.Hampshire - SH SATIN(13) LH WHITE(3) LH CREAM(13) 1. M.Richardson Tulip Tree M.Dyson 2. M.Richardson Tulip Tree M.Richardson 3. M.Richardson Flattop M.Richardson R. Palette Hams - Flattop LH PATTERNED(3) LH AOC(8) LH SATIN(7) 1. Flattop Palette Hams M.Richardson 2. L.Sinclair L.Ward Rother Hams 3. L.Sinclair L.Sinclair L.Sinclair R. - M.Richardson Rother Hams JUNIOR(31) NOVICE(11) INTERMEDIATE(1) 1. A.Liversidge Edge Family L.Ward 2. M.Richardson L.Sinclair - 3. M.Richardson L.Sinclair - R. M.Richardson L.Sinclair - 10-16 WEEKS(22) BREEDER(52) G.CHALLENGE(73) 1. M.Richardson Rother Hams Tulip Tree 2. A.Broadhead Tulip Tree Tulip Tree 3. M.Richardson A.Liversidge Rother Hams R. M.Richardson M.Richardson Tulip Tree NON-STANDARD(7) 1. L.Sinclair 2. Rother Hams 3. F.Avill R. L.Sinclair B.I.S. JUNIOR A.Liversidge B.O.S. JUNIOR M.Richardson B.I.S. Tulip Tree B.O.S. Rother Hams
Judge (Dwarf) - Ms J Martin
CHINESE(9) WINTER WHITE(22)CAMPBELL(4) 1. J.Hampshire V.Ross V.Ross 2. J.Hampshire S.Turnidge L.Sinclair 3. S.Turnidge M.Richardson L.Sinclair R. M.Richardson V.Ross L.Sinclair CAMPBELL ALB(2) JUNIOR(31) NOVICE(8) 1. L.Sinclair L.Sinclair L.Sinclair 2. L.Sinclair J.Hampshire F.Avill 3. - S.Turnidge Edge Family R. - M.Richardson Edge Family INTERMEDIATE(7) BREEDER(15) G.CHALLENGE(36) 1. V.Ross L.Sinclair L.Sinclair 2. V.Ross V.Ross J.Hampshire 3. V.Ross A.Liversidge V.Ross R. V.Ross J.Hampshire S.Turnidge NON-STANDARD(2) 1. L.Sinclair 2. L.Sinclair B.I.S. JUNIOR L.Sinclair B.O.S. JUNIOR J.Hampshire B.I.S. L.Sinclair B.O.S. J.Hampshire
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