The Midland Hamster Club

(Affiliated to the National Hamster Council)

DUDLEY 1.8.98

Following a hectic week preparing for this two day show, the day dawned and so did the rain. Saturday was like a huge mud bath! Still we did have a fair number of people considering the awful weather.However, following a swap of tents we came up trumps. Our tent was large with plenty of light and when the sun shone on the Sunday it was just as well because the people just streamed in all day and had we been in the usual size tent, it would have been rather cramped. The organizers reported a record attendance on the Sunday. We all enjoyed the weekend, but we were rather shattered at the end. We were sat in the empty tent at the end of the day on the Sunday and they were taking it down around us, we were too tired to move!Many thanks to the Dudley Show Committee for their usual support and to everyone who helped over the weekend. Thanks to our judges, Sue Thornton - Syrian and Sue Washbrook - Dwarfs. Also not forgetting our two Pet Judges - Saturday - Wendy Wright and Sunday - Carol Roberts. Many thanks to all whom assisted the judges to complete their hard task and congratulations to all winners.Thanks to everyone who assisted me over the weekend with show secretarying and tombola. Especially to David, Wendy's Nephew who worked hard all weekend and it was a pleasure to have him around. Well done David on your first show - don't let it be your last.

Judge (Syrian) - Mrs S Thornton
SH GOLDEN(10) SH CREAM(11) SH WHITE(2) 1. Towy Vale J.Tye & C.Leat W.Wright 2. Hobhill Hams F.&.J.Evans J.Tye & C.Leat 3. Greenfield Hams Hawthorn Hams - R. Black Country J.Tye & C.Leat - VHC Black Country J.Tye & C.Leat - HC J.Tye & C.Leat F.&.J.Evans - C J.Tye & C.Leat Lilliput Hams SH CINNAMON(2) SH AOC(22) SH PATTERNED(10) 1. Greenfield Hams Wellington Hams Black Country 2. Greenfield Hams F.&.J.Evans Black Country 3. - Wellington Hams J.Tye & C.Leat R. - Hamper Hams J.Tye & C.Leat VHC - Wellington Hams Lilliput Hams HC - J.Tye & C.Leat Black Country C - Hamper Hams Wellington Hams SH SATIN(4) LH WHITE(4) LH CREAM(12) 1. Wellington Hams Black Country H.&.H.Myall 2. Towy Vale Towy Vale Lilliput Hams 3. Lilliput Hams Black Country Wellington Hams R. Greenfield Hams Black Country Wellington Hams VHC - - C.Washbrook HC - - W.Wright C - - Lilliput Hams LH AOC MALE(6) LH AOC FEMALE(9)LH PATTERNED(9) 1. Towy Vale Lilliput Hams J.Tye & C.Leat 2. Greenfield Hams Hawthorn Hams Hamper Hams 3. Greenfield Hams Lilliput Hams F.&.J.Evans R. Humbug Hams Greenfield Hams Towy Vale VHC Humbug Hams Hobhill Hams D.Griffiths HC Hamper Hams Greenfield Hams Lilliput Hams C - Towy Vale Lilliput Hams LH SATIN(7) JUNIOR(10) NOVICE(11) 1. Hobhill Hams F.&.J.Evans Greenfield Hams 2. H.&.H.Myall C.Washbrook Greenfield Hams 3. Towy Vale Humbug Hams Greenfield Hams R. Humbug Hams Humbug Hams Greenfield Hams VHC Greenfield Hams Humbug Hams Greenfield Hams HC Lilliput Hams F.&.J.Evans Greenfield Hams C Towy Vale Humbug Hams Greenfield Hams INTERMEDIATE(12)BREEDER(64) YOUNG STOCK(25) 1. H.&.H.Myall Lilliput Hams J.Tye & C.Leat 2. Hobhill Hams Towy Vale Hobhill Hamstery 3. Hobhill Hams J.Tye & C.Leat Black Country R. Hamper Hams Hobhill Hams Wellington Hams VHC H.&.H.Myall Greenfield Hams C.Washbrook HC Hamper Hams Black Country Humbug Hams C Hamper Hams Greenfield Hams Wellington Hams F.M.C.(65) G.CHALLENGE(108)NON-STANDARD(5) 1. Towy Vale Lilliput Hams J.Tye & C.Leat 2. J.Tye & C.Leat Towy Vale Hawthorn Hamstery 3. H.&.H.Myall J.Tye & C.Leat Greenfield Hams R. Hobhill Hams F.&.J.Evans Black Country VHC Black Country H.&.H.Myall Black Country HC J.Tye & C.Leat Hawthorn Hams - C Hobhill Hams Hobhill Hams - BEST SH MALE J.Tye & C.Leat BEST SH FEMALE Towy Vale BEST LH MALE Wellington Hams BEST LH FEMALE Lilliput Hams B.I.S. JUNIOR F.&.J.Evans B.O.S. JUNIOR Humbug Hams B.I.S. Lilliput Hams RESERVE B.I.S. Towy Vale
Judge (Dwarf) - Mrs S Washbrook
CAMPBELL(16) WINTER WHITE(18)CHINESE(12) 1. Wellington Hams J.Tye & C.Leat Black Country 2. Hamper Hams Hamper Hams Hamper Hams 3. Humbug Hams J.Tye & C.Leat Black Country R. Wellington Hams J.Tye & C.Leat Valentine Hamstery VHC Wellington Hams T.Stokes Black Country HC Hamper Hams T.Stokes Hamper Hams C Hamper Hams Black Country T.Stokes NON-STANDARD(6) JUNIOR(1) NOVICE(7) 1. Hamper Hams Humbug Hams T.Stokes 2. Hamper Hams - T.Stokes 3. Hamper Hams - T.Stokes R. J.Tye & C.Leat - Greenfield Hams VHC J.Tye & C.Leat - T.Stokes HC J.Tye & C.Leat - Greenfield Hams C - - Greenfield Hams BREEDER(26) F.M.C.(32) G.CHALLENGE(45) 1. Wellington Hams Wellington Hams Wellington Hams 2. Black Country Hamper Hams Hamper Hams 3. Hamper Hams Black Country Black Country R. Humbug Hams Hamper Hams Hamper Hams VHC Hamper Hams Humbug Hams Humbug Hams HC J.Tye & C.Leat Wellington Hams Wellington Hams C Hamper Hams Wellington Hams Wellington Hams AREA(42) PETS(8) 1. Wellington Hams J.Roberts 2. Hamper Hams S.Scott 3. Black Country M.Law R. Hamper Hams H.Bradley VHC Humbug Hams R.Weller HC Wellington Hams M.Law C Wellington Hams S.Samuel B.I.S. JUNIOR Humbug Hams B.I.S. Wellington Hams RESERVE B.I.S. Hamper Hams
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