The Midland Hamster Club

(Affiliated to the National Hamster Council)

CARDIFF 18.4.98

A glorious sunny day was in store for all those who attended the Cardiff Show, although I didn't see much of it as I was kept busy show secretarying all day. A good entry with 133 Syrians and 45 Dwarfs.

Many thanks to both of the Judges - Susan Washbrook (Syrians) and Sarah Charmley (Dwarfs) for doing a good job all round. Thanks also to the Pen Stewards and especially to the ladies in the kitchen who did a good job in keeping us all fed and watered all day. Thanks Chris for judging the Pets - 18 in total and to everyone else who helped to sell raffle tickets, sales, and most important, clean up at the end. Well Done!

Congratulations to all the winners, especially Terry O'Connor for winning Best in Show and the Area Diploma.

Elaine Skidmore.

Judge (Syrian) - Mrs S Washbrook
SH GOLDEN(12) SH CREAM(11) SH CINNAMON(6) 1. T.O'Connor T.O'Connor Greenfield Hams 2. T.O'Connor J.Tye & C.Leat Greenfield Hams 3. Black Country J.Tye & C.Leat Greenfield Hams R. Black Country J.Tye & C.Leat Black Country VHC Black Country J.Tye & C.Leat F.&.J.Evans HC Black Country Black Country Greenfield Hams C Greenfield Hams Black Country - SH AOC(22) SH PATTERNED(5) SH SATIN(12) 1. J.Tye & C.Leat Little Hamstery T.O'Connor 2. Hawthorn Hams Black Country T.O'Connor 3. J.Tye & C.Leat Wellington Hams T.O'Connor R. Wellington Hams Netherwood Hams Little Hamstery VHC P.Gill Z.Sugden Wellington Hams HC Hawthorn Ham - Z.Sugden C Beehive Hams - Towy Vale LH WHITE(5) LH CREAM(18) LH AOC MALE(9) 1. Black Country Black Country P.Gill 2. Black Country P.Gill Wellington Hams 3. F.&.J.Evans Hawthorn Hams Towy Vale R. F.&.J.Evans Wellington Hams Minx Hamstery VHC Little Hamstery Wellington Hams Towy Vale HC - Duncton Hams E.Hornett C - H.&.H.Myall Hedgehog Hamstery LH AOC FEMALE(8)LH PATTERNED(8) LH SATIN(6) 1. Wellington Hams Hedgehog Hams Hedgehog Hamstery 2. Minx Hamstery Towy Vale Minx Hamstery 3. P.Gill Netherwood Hams J.Tye & C.Leat R. Wellington Hams F.&.J.Evans Towy Vale VHC E.Hornett Valentine Hams Little Hamstery HC Hedgehog Hams D.Griffiths K.&.A.Gill C Little Hamstery H.&.H.Myall - JUNIOR(21) NOVICE(26) INTERMEDIATE(5) 1. Little Hamstery Greenfield Hams H.&.H.Myall 2. P.&.J.Gill Beehive Hams Valentine Hams 3. Little Hamstery P.&.J.Gill Valentine Hams R. Z.Sugden Beehive Hams H.Keegen VHC F.&.J.Evans Greenfield Hams H.&.H.Myall HC Little Hamstery E.Hornett - C Little Hamstery E.Hornett - BREEDER(60) YOUNG STOCK(33) FMC 1. T.O'Connor J.Tye & C.Leat J.Tye & C.Leat 2. T.O'Connor J.Tye & C.Leat J.Tye & C.Leat 3. T.O'Connor Black Country J.Tye & C.Leat R. T.O'Connor P.Gill Wellington Hams VHC T.O'Connor Hawthorn Hams Wellington Hams HC T.O'Connor Hedgehog Hams J.Tye & C.Leat C J.Tye & C.Leat Minx Hamstery P.Gill G.CHALLENGE(101)AREA(71) NON-STANDARD 1. T.O'Connor T.O'Connor Black Country 2. T.O'Connor T.O'Connor Little Hamstery 3. T.O'Connor T.O'Connor Little Hamstery R. T.O'Connor T.O'Connor Hawthorn Hamstery VHC T.O'Connor T.O'Connor Little Hamstery HC T.O'Connor T.O'Connor Netherwood Hams C Greenfield Hams Greenfield Hams Beehive Hams BEST SH MALE T.O'Connor BEST SH FEMALE T.O'Connor BEST LH MALE Black Country BEST LH FEMALE Wellington Hams B.I.S. T.O'Connor RESERVE B.I.S. T.O'Connor
Judge (Dwarf) - Mrs S Charmley
CAMPBELL(13) WINTER WHITE(16)CHINESE(9) 1. Wellington Hams K.Walker Lilliput Hams 2. Wellington Hams Lilliput Hams Lilliput Hams 3. Wellington Hams Lilliput Hams T.Stokes R. Wellington Hams Lilliput Hams Little Hamstery VHC Little Hamstery Lilliput Hams Wellington Hams HC H.&.H.Myall Duncton Hams T.Stokes C Wellington Hams Wellington Hams Wellington Hams NON-STANDARD(4) JUNIOR(10) NOVICE(3) 1. Little Hamstery Little Hamstery T.Stokes 2. Wellington Hams H.&.H.Myall T.Stokes 3. Little Hamstery H.&.H.Myall T.Stokes R. Wellington Hams H.Keegen - VHC - H.Keegen - HC - H.&.H.Myall - C - Little Hamstery - INTERMEDIATE(9) BREEDER(27) FMC(24) 1. K.Walker Lilliput Hams Wellington Hams 2. H.&.H.Myall Wellington Hams K.Walker 3. H.&.H.Myall Wellington Hams Wellington Hams R. H.Keegen Lilliput Hams Wellington Hams VHC H.Keegen Wellington Hams Wellington Hams HC H.&.H.Myall Lilliput Hams H.&.H.Myall C H.&.H.Myall Lilliput Hams Duncton Hamstery G.CHALLENGE(34) 1. Lilliput Hams 2. Wellington Hams 3. K.Walker R. Wellington Hams VHC Lilliput Hams HC Wellington Hams C Lilliput Hams B.I.S. JUNIOR Little Hamstery B.O.S. JUNIOR H.&.H.Myall B.I.S. Lilliput Hams RESERVE B.I.S. Wellington Hams
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