The Northern Hamster Club

(Affiliated to the National Hamster Council)


Judge (Syrian) - Not Notified
SH GOLDEN SH CREAM SH YELLOW 1. Rother Hams Tulip Tree Wellington Hams 2. Tulip Tree Tulip Tree M.Richardson 3. Flattop Tulip Tree Flattop R. Flattop Oak Hams Flattop SH CINNAMON SH PATTERNED SH AOC 1. Tulip Tree Wellington Hams Flattop 2. A.Broadhead A.Broadhead Wellington Hams 3. Flattop - Wellington Hams R. - - Flattop SH SATIN LH WHITE LH CREAM 1. Palette Hams Tulip Tree Flattop 2. Wellington Hams Flattop M.Richardson 3. Oak Hams Flattop M.Richardson R. M.Richardson Tulip Tree Wellington Hams LH PATTERNED LH AOC LH SATIN 1. Flattop Oak Hams M.Richardson 2. Flattop Flattop Palette Hams 3. Oak Hams Wellington Hams - R. Oak Hams Oak Hams - JUNIOR 10-16 WEEKS INTERMEDIATE 1. M.Richardson Rother Hams Rother Hams 2. M.Richardson Wellington Hams Palette Hams 3. M.Richardson Rother Hams Rother Hams R. M.Richardson Rother Hams Oak Hams NOVICE BREEDER G.CHALLENGE 1. K.Rodgers Rother Hams Rother Hams 2. K.Rodgers Tulip Tree Tulip Tree 3. K.Rodgers Flattop Flattop R. K.Rodgers Flattop Flattop NON-STANDARD 1. Oak Hams 2. Tulip Tree 3. M.Richardson R. A.Broadhead B.I.S. JUNIOR M.Richardson B.O.S. JUNIOR M.Richardson B.I.S. Rother Hams B.O.S. Tulip Tree
Judge (Dwarf) - Mrs M Chamberlain
CHINESE WINTER WHITE CAMPBELL 1. M.Richardson Honeywell Hams V.Ross 2. J. Hampshire S. Turnidge V.Ross 3. M.Richardson K.Rodgers V.Ross R. L.Jackson V.Ross V.Ross CAMPBELL ALB JUNIOR NOVICE 1. Honeywell Hams S.Turnidge K.Rodgers 2. Honeywell Hams K.Rodgers K.Rodgers 3. - M.Richardson K.Rodgers R. - K.Rodgers K.Rodgers INTERMEDIATE BREEDER G.CHALLENGE 1. V.Ross V.Ross Honeywell Hams 2. V.Ross M.Richardson Honeywell Hams 3. V.Ross J. Hampshire V.Ross R. V.Ross V.Ross S.Turnidge AREA 1. Honeywell Hams 2. Honeywell Hams 3. Honeywell Hams R. J. Hampshire B.I.S. JUNIOR S.Turnidge B.O.S. JUNIOR J. Hampshire B.I.S. Honeywell Hams B.O.S. S.Turnidge
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