The Northern Hamster Club

(Affiliated to the National Hamster Council)


First I must apologise for not giving the full results in the duplicates. There was a technical hitch - they got lost! Many thanks to our judges, M.Richardson and J.Hampshire and their book stewards M.Turnidge and M.Chamberlain. Thanks go to Valerie in the kitchen for all her hard work and to Margaret who took over as Show Secretary on the day to let me help Valerie. Tea making lessons will be given by Mr Tea O'Connor at the next suitable show. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all who attended.


Judge (Syrian) - Mr M Richardson
SH GOLDEN SH CREAM SH YELLOW 1. Tulip Tree T.O'Connor Flattop 2. T.O'Connor T.O'Connor P.Gill 3. T.O'Connor T.O'Connor A.Broadhead R. Black Country Flattop Flattop SH CINNAMON SH PATTERNED SH AOC 1. Tulip Tree Wellington Hams Wellington Hams 2. A.Broadhead M.Dyson Hamper Hams 3. Black Country Black Country Black Country R. A.Broadhead Black Country Hamper Hams SH SATIN LH WHITE LH CREAM 1. T.O'Connor Black Country Wellington Hams 2. Tulip Tree A.Broadhead P.Gill 3. T.O'Connor Tulip Tree Tulip Tree R. Wellington Hams Flattop Flattop LH PATTERNED LH AOC LH SATIN 1. Flattop Wellington Hams P.Gill 2. Wellington Hams Flattop P.Gill 3. M.Tomlinson Tulip Tree Flattop R. M.Tomlinson M.Tomlinson Palette Hams JUNIOR INTERMEDIATE 10-16 WEEKS 1. A.Liversidge Palette Hams Tulip Tree BREEDER G.CHALLENGE NON-STANDARD 1. Tulip Tree Tulip Tree A.Broadhead B.I.S. JUNIOR A.Liversidge B.O.S. JUNIOR J. & L.Hampshire B.I.S. Tulip Tree B.O.S. Wellington Hams
Judge (Dwarf) - Miss J Hampshire
CHINESE WINTER WHITE CAMPBELL 1. Black Country Wellington Hams Wellington Hams 2. M.Richardson Wellington Hams Hamper Hams 3. Black Country Hamper Hams V.Ross R. M.Richardson Black Country Hamper Hams CAMPBELL(ALB) JUNIOR NOVICE 1. Wellington Hams V.Ross V.Ross 2. Wellington Hams 3. Hamper Hams R. Hamper Hams INTERMEDIATE BREEDER G.CHALLENGE 1. Hamper Hams Wellington Hams Wellington Hams NON-STANDARD 1. V.Ross B.I.S. JUNIOR V.Ross B.O.S. JUNIOR M.Richardson B.I.S. Wellington Hams B.O.S. Wellington Hams
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