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Once again the weather turned hot and dry for the duration of the show resulting in large crowds being attracted to the many events and displays taking place over the weekend. These, of course, are the vital ingredients for making a show like this a financial success and so ensuring its continuation in future years. Unfortunately the kind of weather which makes the show a success is far from ideal for showing or displaying Hamsters [and many other kinds of livestock]. Due to this the number of Hamsters staged was down by 18 [Syrians] on the number booked in. It was the "other species" however which were most affected by the heat and had to be removed from the table to recover and rehydrate in a cooler situation. The welfare of the animals should always come first. A dead Hamster doesn't gain any points! Seeds have already been sown for next year's show and priority will be given to the welfare of the Hamsters by providing cooling fans. I did ask for a cold wet day but it was pointed out this could have a detrimental effect on attendance at the show. So the message is come back next year....Don't dismiss Ashfield because it's in August. The final count on the day was 73 Syrian, 54 Other species, 7 Pets, Total 134. The quality of entries was very high and the judges had a difficult task sorting out the placings and awards. Thanks to: Terry O'Connor Syrian Judge assisted by Mike Turnidge Pen Steward and Sid Skidmore Book Steward. Simon Downing Other Species Judge assisted by Matthew Richardson. Victoria Ross Pets. Thanks also to everyone who contributed with displays, tombola and information for the many visitors and everyone who brought along their Hamsters to be seen and judged. All these together made the show a big success. I apologize for not putting the pen number on the place cards. All the entries in each class are published here in the journal, so you can put it on your cards yourself if you wish. Sorry again. Congratulations to all the class winners. It was pleasing to see such a spread of all the top awards due to competition being so close. The only duplicate award was in the Junior Other Species classes where Sarah Turnidge won both Best in Show and Best Opposite Sex with Winter-White and Chinese respectively. A well deserved winner of Best in Show, Breeder and Grand Challenge [ Other Species] was Black Country Hams. with a really excellent Chinese in superb condition.[Marlene fell in love with it the moment she saw it]. Best opposite sex [Other Species] was awarded to Honeywell Hams. for a really nice Campbell Albino. I wonder who it was who first dubbed that part of England the Black Country?.....Whoever it was they hadn't seen Sid's trousers. Best in Show [Syrian] was won by Flattop Hams. with a beautiful Longhaired Cream which also won the Breeders award and Grand Challenge. Best Opposite Sex [Syrian] went to Rother-Hams for a very nice Golden. Best in Show, Junior [Syrian] was awarded to Amy Liversidge's Golden with Best Opposite Sex being won by Laura Sinclair for an attractive Longhaired Patterned. Once again thanks for all the support given to make the show a success. Congratulations to all the winners....Well done. Carry on breeding and showing and come back to Ashfield next year making the show even bigger.

Keith Screen.

Judge (Syrian) - Mr T O'Connor
SH GOLDEN(8) SH CREAM(8) SH YELLOW(6) 1. Rother Hams Black Country Flattop 2. Flattop Black Country M.Richardson 3. Rother Hams Black Country A.Broadhead R. Flattop Rother Hams Flattop SH CINNAMON(2) SH PATTERNED(6) SH AOC(5) 1. Flattop Black Country Flattop 2. A.Broadhead Black Country Black Country 3. - L.Sinclair C.Rogers R. - A.Broadhead B.Edge SH SATIN(8) LH WHITE(4) LH CREAM(7) 1. Flattop Flattop Flattop 2. Flattop Black Country M.Richardson 3. M.Richardson Black Country M.Richardson R. M.Richardson A.Broadhead A.Broadhead LH PATTERNED(3) LH AOC(8) LH SATIN(2) 1. L.Sinclair Flattop M.Richardson 2. L.Sinclair M.Richardson Rother Hams 3. Flattop L.Sinclair - R. - L.Sinclair - JUNIOR(32) NOVICE(24) INTERMEDIATE(11) 1. C.Rogers L.Sinclair Rother Hams 2. L.Sinclair L.Sinclair Rother Hams 3. M.Richardson L.Sinclair Amy Liversidge R. L.Sinclair C.Rogers Rother Hams 10-16 WEEKS(18) BREEDER(46) G.CHALLENGE(53) 1. Flattop Flattop Flattop 2. Rother Hams Rother Hams Rother Hams 3. M.Richardson Flattop Flattop R. A.Broadhead Flattop Flattop NON-STANDARD(6) 1. Black Country 2. L.Sinclair 3. L.Sinclair R. Rother Hams B.I.S. JUNIOR Amy Liversidge B.O.S. JUNIOR L.Sinclair B.I.S. Flattop B.O.S. Rother Hams
Judge (Dwarf) - Mr S Downing
CHINESE(7) WINTER WHITE(22)CAMPBELL(7) 1. Black Country S.Turnidge V.Ross 2. Black Country Honeywell Hams V.Ross 3. M.Richardson Honeywell Hams Honeywell Hams R. S.Turnidge Black Country L.Sinclair CAMPBELL ALB(4) NON-STANDARD(12)JUNIOR(23) 1. Honeywell Hams Honeywell Hams S.Turnidge 2. Honeywell Hams L.Sinclair M.Richardson 3. L.Sinclair L.Sinclair S.Turnidge R. L.Sinclair M.Thompson S.Turnidge NOVICE(8) INTERMEDIATE(9) BREEDER(16) 1. L.Nixon Amy Liversidge Black Country 2. L.Nixon V.Ross Black Country 3. C.Rogers V.Ross Honeywell Hams R. L.Sinclair Amy Liversidge Black Country G.CHALLENGE(37) PETS(7) 1. Black Country L.Sinclair 2. Honeywell Hams C.Rogers 3. S.Turnidge H.Edge R. Black Country L.Sinclair B.I.S. JUNIOR S.Turnidge B.O.S. JUNIOR S.Turnidge B.I.S. Black Country B.O.S. Honeywell Hams
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