The Midland Hamster Club

(Affiliated to the National Hamster Council)


This was a very well attended show with 150 Syrian and 43 Dwarf. The pet entry was excellent with 3 sub-classes, totally 23 animals. Thanks go to Melissa Chamberlain and Sarah Charmley the judges and their respective book stewards, David Baglin and Susan Washbrook. Congratulations to David Baglin for B.I.S. & Reserve B.I.S. Syrian, and Hamper Hams for B.I.S. and Reserve B.I.S. Dwarf. I would also like to thank Hannah Scott, pet judge, and her book steward Joanne Evans. Catherine Washbrook, Mark Williams and Sarah Wynne all took a 1st place in pets with Mark's beautiful cinnamon shorthaired, Billy, taking best overall pet. The sales team, lead by Chris, Pete and Jenny also deserve a vote of thanks for their unstinting efforts, as do the pen stewards. Well done, everyone. Lastly, but by no means least I would like to thank Carol Roberts, whose help and support kept me, (fairly), sane.

Andrew Bryan.

Judge (Syrian) - Mrs M Chamberlain
SH GOLDEN(11) SH CREAM(8) SH WHITE(1) 1. Greenfield Hams F.&.J.Evans Minx Hamstery 2. Towy Vale Hawthorn Hams - 3. Lilliput Hams F.&.J.Evans - R. Lilliput Hams Lilliput Hams - VHC Greenfield Hams Black Country - HC Minx Hamstery Black Country - C Lilliput Hams Black Country - SH CINNAMON(6) SH AOC(17) SH PATTERNED(9) 1. Greenfield Hams D.Baglin Lilliput Hams 2. Greenfield Hams D.Baglin Black Country 3. Hedgehog Hams D.Baglin Little Hamstery R. Greenfield Hams Hamper Hams Black Country VHC Greenfield Hams P.Gill Little Hamstery HC Greenfield Hams Hamper Hams Black Country C - Hawthorn Hams Hedgehog Hamstery SH SATIN(8) LH WHITE(6) LH CREAM(18) 1. D.Baglin Black Country D.Baglin 2. Towy Vale Black Country Duncton Hamstery 3. D.Baglin Mrs Whiting Towy Vale R. Little Hamstery K.Gill D.Baglin VHC D.Baglin F.&.J.Evans Humbug Hams HC Little Hamstery Little Hamstery H.&.H.Myall C Lilliput Hams - Lilliput Hams LH AOC MALE(14) LH AOC FEMALE(18)LH PATTERNED(13) 1. D.Baglin D.Baglin D.Baglin 2. D.Baglin D.Baglin Lilliput Hams 3. P.Gill Minx Hamstery Hamper Hams R. P.Gill Towy Vale Hedgehog Hamstery VHC Minx Hamstery Duncton Hams H.Scott HC Minx Hamstery Lilliput Hams H.&.H.Myall C Towy Vale Hamper Hams H.Scott LH SATIN(12) JUNIOR(22) NOVICE(17) 1. Hedgehog Hams Humbug Hams Greenfield Hams 2. Minx Hamstery F.&.J.Evans Greenfield Hams 3. Duncton Hams F.&.J.Evans Greenfield Hams R. Hamper Hams Little Hamstery Greenfield Hams VHC Hedgehog Hams F.&.J.Evans Greenfield Hams HC Duncton Hams Little Hamstery Greenfield Hams C H.Scott Little Hamstery Mrs Whiting INTERMEDIATE(20)BREEDER(80) YOUNGE STOCK(30) 1. H.&.H.Myall D.Baglin Humbug Hams 2. Hamper Hams D.Baglin Towy Vale 3. Hamper Hams D.Baglin Black Country R. Hamper Hams D.Baglin Towy Vale VHC H.Scott D.Baglin Minx Hamstery HC Hamper Hams D.Baglin Greenfield Hams C H.&.H.Myall Hedgehog Hams Lilliput Hams F.M.C.(83) G.CHALLENGE(130)NON-STANDARD(8) 1. D.Baglin D.Baglin D.Baglin 2. D.Baglin D.Baglin R.Washbrook 3. D.Baglin D.Baglin Minx Hamstery R. D.Baglin D.Baglin Black Country VHC Duncton Hams Duncton Hams Duncton Hamstery HC Towy Vale Towy Vale Little Hamstery C D.Baglin D.Baglin L.Washbrook B.I.S. JUNIOR Humbug Hams B.O.S. JUNIOR F.&.J.Evans BEST SH MALE D.Baglin BEST SH FEMALE Greenfield Hams BEST LH MALE D.Baglin BEST LH FEMALE D.Baglin B.I.S. D.Baglin RESERVE B.I.S. D.Baglin
Judge (Dwarf) - Mrs S Charmley
CAMPBELL(17) WINTER WHITE(11)CHINESE(6) 1. Hamper Hams K.Walker Hamper Hams 2. Hamper Hams Wellington Hams Wellington Hams 3. Wellington Hams H.Keegan Wellington Hams R. Hamper Hams Wellington Hams Hamper Hams VHC Wellington Hams Wellington Hams Little Hamstery HC Hamper Hams J.Sugden Little Hamstery C H.&.H.Myall H.&.H.Myall - NON-STANDARD(9) JUNIOR(12) NOVICE(2) 1. Hamper Hams H.&.H.Myall J.Sugden 2. Hamper Hams H.&.H.Myall J.Sugden 3. Little Hamstery Little Hamstery - R. Wellington Hams H.Keegan - VHC Hamper Hams Little Hamstery - HC Little Hamstery J.Sugden - C Hamper Hams H.&.H.Myall - INTERMEDIATE(16)BREEDER(18) F.M.C.(30) 1. Hamper Hams Wellington Hams Hamper Hams 2. Hamper Hams Hamper Hams Hamper Hams 3. Hamper Hams Wellington Hams Wellington Hams R. K.Walker Hamper Hams Hamper Hams VHC Hamper Hams Wellington Hams Wellington Hams HC Hamper Hams Wellington Hams K.Walker C H.&.H.Myall Hamper Hams Hamper Hams G.CHALLENGE(32) 1. Hamper Hams 2. Hamper Hams 3. Wellington Hams R. Hamper Hams VHC Wellington Hams HC K.Walker C Hamper Hams B.I.S. JUNIOR H.&.H.Myall B.I.S. Hamper Hams RESERVE B.I.S. Hamper Hams
1. C.Washbrook S.Wynne M.Williams 2. R.Washbrook E.Roberts J.Dance 3. S.Nickerson C.Maden T.Smallbone R. J.Mitchell S.Flynn S.Wynne VHC C.Randell B.Pierce-Jones M.&.H.Dance HC J.Mitchell - B.King C R.Flynn - N.Pierce-Jones BEST PET M.Williams
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