GOLCAR 15.6.2002

Well, what can I say about Golcar - at least it didn't rain, what we did have though was mud, lots of it and it wasn't glorious at all!! What with the few tables being doors with legs on, and a shortage of chairs (we needed chairs to put our things on to keep them mud free, never mind to sit on) it was not one of our better days. My chair was sunk so deep into the mud my chin was about 6" from the table, and I don't think the judges fared much better!
However we do have the patent pending for the new designer footwear, or over boot as modeled by Sue Kilburn and kindly donated by Rosie (unused!). These can also double as "poop-a scoop" bags. They must be of a grey colour for the fashion conscious and have tie-tops for a snug fit around the ankle! Very trendy.
Then there were the worms - they appeared about half way through the afternoon, all the mud churning brought them to the surface and there were dozens of them wriggling around!
Anyway in spite of everything we had a reasonable Show, thanks to our judges, Mick Turnidge, Syrians, Sandra Edge, Other Species and to Hayley Edge and Heather Booth for Book Stewarding. Also to Barry Edge for pen stewarding (when he wasn't flicking mud around with his stick!!) Thank you to everyone else who helped on the day and spent Saturday night soaking their feet and cleaning mud off clothes and shoes.

Pat Richardson

At the National A.G.M it was discussed that we try to write an Article about the show rather that secretary's report. So here goes.
The Edge family got of to a great start, we got to the point in our journey where we get lost every year, at these crossroads we should turn right, and every year we've turned left. This year we knew it was not left. This year we went straight on. Eventually we got to the new show ground. I would not call what we stool on Ground (chuckle)
The ground was that bogie every footstep was a gamble whether you would finish flat on your back; Sandra started to run a book on who would finish up muddy first. Sue Kilburn wearing the in thing in footwear (Carrier bags on her feet) and Myself were joint favourites at evens. But the outsiders were Pat & Mick Richardson as they came prepared they had there wellies in the car. Sitting down was an art in its self Pat Richardson sat on her chair and nearly hit her chin on the table, the judges Mick and Sandra had narrow escapes too.
The England Supporters in our club were not disappointed at one end of the tent we were in someone had a pocket TV. So we knew who had scored and when. Thanks to the unknown supporter!
That is when everything started to go wrong. Someone had removed (stolen) four of our tables and all the chairs, we then told an organiser of the show who said he would get them replaced. This never happened, we saw some chairs with no bums sat upon them so we acquired these. The show then started and everything was going well until the bums turn up and demanded their chairs back very rudely they got some of them back and a flea in the ear from one of our members good on yer!
Has anyone ever noticed that you don't get lost on the way home? After dropping Sue Kilburn home she made us a lovely cuppa and we had a laugh about the day!

From the mild mannered reporter Barry Edge; alias Blade Hams

Judge (Syrian) - Mr M Turnidge
1. Blade Hams White Rose Hams Flattop
2. Flattop Blade Hams White Rose Hams
3. Blade Hams White Rose Hams White Rose Hams
R. - H.Booth Blade Hams
1. White Rose Hams Flattop White Rose Hams
2. White Rose Hams Flattop Flattop
3. Flattop Flattop Flattop
R. White Rose Hams - Flattop
1. White Rose Hams Flattop Blade Hams
2. White Rose Hams - Flattop
3. Blade Hams - White Rose Hams
R. Blade Hams - White Rose Hams
1. Blade Hams Flattop H.Booth
2. Flattop - E.&.D.Ward
3. White Rose Hams - H.Booth
R. White Rose Hams - -
1. Blade Hams Blade Hams Blade Hams
2. Flattop White Rose Hams Flattop
3. Blade Hams Flattop Blade Hams
R. White Rose Hams White Rose Hams White Rose Hams
1. Flattop C.Woods  
2. E.&.D.Ward -  
3. - -  
R. - -  
  B.I.S. Blade Hams  
  B.O.S. Flattop  
Judge (Dwarf) - Mrs S Edge
1. Tulip Tree Tulip Tree H.Booth
2. Tulip Tree Tulip Tree H.Booth
3. - Tulip Tree H.Booth
R. - Tulip Tree H.Booth
1. H.Booth H.Booth H.Booth
2. - H.Booth Tulip Tree
3. - H.Booth Tulip Tree
R. - H.Booth Tulip Tree
1. H.Booth H.Booth Tulip Tree
2. - Tulip Tree Tulip Tree
3. - Tulip Tree -
R. - Tulip Tree -
  B.I.S. H.Booth  
  B.O.S. Tulip Tree