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This competition is run in conjunction with the National Hamster Council and Supreme Petfoods. A Point is given to an Exhibitor for each class they win at all shows held under National Hamster Council Rules, up to a maximum of 4. Only 2 of these points can be from Duplicate classes. Non-Standard is counted as a Straight Class. Only the best 8 show results for each Exhibitor count towards the yearly total. Exhibitor must be a member of one of the N.H.C. affiliated clubs.

Final Positions for 1997


Place	Exhibitor			Position	Exhibitor

1st	Towy Vale		1st	J.Tye & C.Leat		
2nd	Flattop			2nd	Wellington Hams	
3rd	Wellington Hams		3rd	Hamper Hams	
4th	Tulip Tree		4th	V.Ross
=5th	Black Country		5th	M.Richardson	
=5th	M.Richardson		6th	Black Country
7th	J.Tye &C.Leat		7th	M.Screen				
8th	D.Baglin		8th	Honeywell Hams			
9th	Hedgehog Hams		9th	J. & L.Hampshire	
10th	T.O'Connor		10th	S.Gosling			
11th	J.& L.Hampshire		11th	D.Baglin 
12th	P.Gill			12th	A.Liversidge			
13th	Minx Hamstery		13th	E.Roberts		
14th	A.Broadhead		14th	Minx Hamstery		
15th	E.Roberts		15th	M.Dyson
16th	Netherwood Hams		16th	Little Hamstery	
=17th	F. & J.Evans  		=17th	H.&H.Myall
=17th	Lilliput Hams		=17th	T.Stokes	
19th	M.Dyson			=19th	Duncton Hamstery
=20th	Aleppo	L.Frampton	=19th	R.Ellerby
=20th	S.Gosling		=19th	L.Frampton		
=20th	Hawthorn Hamstery	=19th	L.Nixon
23rd	Duncton Hamstery	=19th	C.Reading		
24th	Hamper Hams		=19th	D.Shaw	
=25th	Blackberry Stud		=19th	D.Weetman
=25th	D.Liversidge		=19th	W.Wright
=25th	Palette Hams		=27th	Y.Arrow
=28th	A.B.C.'s Hams		=27th	Blackpool Tower
=28th	M.Tomlinson		=27th	B.Bolaston		
30th	Belvedere Stud		=27th	A.Brown	
=31st	A.Gill			=27th	Hawthorn Hams	
=31st	K.Gill			=27th	J.Sugden
=31st	Greenfield Hams		=27th	M.Swan
=31st	Little Hamstery	
=31st	L.Washbrook	
=36th	F.Glover				
=36th	A.Liversidge	
=36th	C.Liversidge	
=36th	C.Roberton
=36th	H.Scott
=36th	L.Ward			
=36th	K.Washbrook		
=36th	D.Weetman		
=36th	W.Wright		
=45th	Y.Arrow		
=45th	L.Frampton		
=45th	Y.Jones
=45th	Joanna Roach		
=45th	Roman Hams		
=45th	D.Shaw			
=45th	S.Smith
=45th	G.Soo			
=45th	Z.Sugden		
=45th	Teddy Bear Hams	
=45th	R.Washbrook	
=45th	Woods Hamstery		

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